No, Arizona!



This is my first post of many in a new blog I’ve decided to call, “NO ARIZONA”.


What this blog is about

The purpose of this wordpress site is to serve as a place for me to vent my dissatisfaction with living in AZ and my quest to move from this place. The reasons will be outlined as this blog progresses, so stay tuned.

I am not trying to change your mind about moving to Arizona, but I will tell you why I don’t want to live here.

If you live in Arizona and love it, good for you! You have found something in the desert positive which I cannot! Don’t try to convince me to love living in the desert, because it won’t happen! On the flip side of that coin, I will not try to convince you this place really does suck!


What this blog is NOT about

This site has NOTHING to do with politics, immigration, etc! This site will NOT bash politicians or police officers.


Like-minded people?

Will I find people who feel the same way I do through this blog? Hell, I have no idea…this is my first time using wordpress! I’d like to think there are others out there who feel trapped.

The inspiration for this website came from a blog called Arizona Sucks. There’s great information there, but I wanted to create a stomping ground of my own to post how I feel about Arizona. I can’t say I agree with the writer 100%, but it’s pretty close!

Specifically, this site deals with the issues involved within the deserts of the Phoenix area. The northern mountain areas are beautiful, but it’s technically still a desert…”high desert”. The mountains are a great place to visit to escape desert living. As nice as it is up there, it’s still Arizona populated with Arizona people. I will explain in future posts what I mean about “Arizona people”.

If I get ZERO readers here, I’m completely satisfied with that. This is an outlet for me while I plan my escape from the desert.

If, for some reason, someone IS reading this, thank you.




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5 thoughts on “No, Arizona!

  1. Sherrie Miller says:

    Looking forward to reading your blog… I gave 2 years of my life to Arizona, and finally managed to break free but I had to leave almost everything I owned to do it. No regrets about leaving whatsoever.

    I just registered my car back in my home state and it was such a weight off my shoulders to get those AZ plates off the car. Like the final chapter in the soul crushing nightmare was over.

  2. jc says:

    *searching desperately for a subscribe button* where do I sign up?!?!? I love this!! Anything bashing this shithole of a place called Arizona I am all for!! God bless you for creating this blog!!!!

  3. daniel says:

    I hear you on everything you say. I thought me and my family were the only ones who hated this place. No things to do. And as for lakes. What lakes? To me it’s just a big mud hole with water in it and has a discussing smell..everywhere I go in this he’ll hole I see brown brown brown..not to exciting. People tell me all the time. You just haven’t been around az.. I’m like bullcrap I’ve seen it all and nothing catches my eye. And I’m a very easily entertained guy.and the thing that socks most is waking up at 530 and it’s already 90 kitchen tile and I s#@t you not feels like I have a heated floor that’s how damn hot it is out here. Not to sound like a baby but I recently to a trip to my hometown cali and when I had to come back I cried..I won’t lie I cried like a baby cuz of where I’m going back to. No one says hi the racism is horrible..I mean come on. This isn’t blacks vs whites or any other race against each other ….grow up..I’m just gonna stop there I’m getting a little irritated talking about this place..and I have to live here unless I do something about it.

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