Chilling Crime Facts: Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix Arizona Crime compared to other cities

Phoenix Is A Great Place To Be A Criminal

Gangs In Arizona

Crime is an unfortunate reality in Arizona, particularly in Phoenix. With Phoenix as the capitol city of Arizona, its best export to surrounding cities are its criminals.

There are no shortage of gangs to choose from, if you’re looking for some like-minded friends. The more popular brands are the Arizona Aryan Brotherhood (they hate anyone not white), Border Brothers (if you’re into Aztec tattoos),  “Old” Mexican Mafia, “New” Mexican Mafia (a newer, fresher mafia), Grandel (Glendale’s favorite gang flavor), Mau Mau (an African American club), Warrior Society (let’s not forget Native Americans like gangs, too) and Dine Pride (Another Native American gang, probably created so Warrior Society would have someone to hate).

But wait, there’s more! If you’re a female looking for “homies”, Arizona offers La Raza. Are you into motorcycles? If so, there are The Hell’s Angels…but, you must have a Harley Davidson to join! Hell’s Angels must, of course, have an arch enemy and that would be The Mongols. If you’re an admirer of the Nazi German Socialist Nationalist Party and wish Hitler would have prevailed, the Nazi Low Riders is the group for you! Nazi Low Riders are an affiliate of the Aryan Brotherhood, because hating fellow whites just doesn’t make sense to them I guess.

Keep in mind, the above gangs are mostly prison gangs that thrive behind bars. However, when they get out they continue their loyalties and carry out crimes for their cohorts still behind bars.

Comparing Phoenix To Other Larger Cities

There are two great websites offering valuable data on cities. I utilize these websites to learn more about areas of the country I’m looking into moving to. The first is, which is very comprehensive and thorough. The downside to is its complicated way of displaying city information (all one ONE page). The other website is, and its data is easier to read thanks to good design work. For the purpose of this article, I utilized the latter website.

Although crime in Phoenix is prevalent, there actually are worse cities such as Detroit and Miami. The Arizona state government and the local media do a good job of minimizing widespread crime. It is important for their Chamber of Commerce to show the lush golf courses, the sunset photos and the nice restaurants. What they don’t tell you is the likelihood of you becoming a victim of a crime.

If you found this article by mistake and really want to know what they consider “great” about Phoenix, here is the Chamber of Commerce website for your viewing pleasure if you are only interested in the so-called positives to living here. Better yet, here is the Arizona Tourism website so you can see all the great things Phoenix has to offer.

Ok, now that we got rid of those people, let’s move on…

With the tools provided on, I did some comparative research on crime in Phoenix and compared it to Los Angeles and New York City.

Phoenix vs. Los Angeles

Los Angeles has more violent crime than Phoenix, with the exception of rape. Yes, you are more likely to get raped in Phoenix than in Los Angeles. Phoenix leads Los Angeles in property crimes such as burglary, theft and vehicle theft. Living in Los Angeles, you are 21.3% less likely to have your car stolen than here in Phoenix. Overall, says Los Angeles is 34% less dangerous than Phoenix.

Phoenix vs. New York City

NYC has to be more crime-ridden than Phoenix, right? Well, that’s what I thought until I looked at these numbers. Phoenix beat out NYC on all the major reported crimes, with the exception of assault. Phoenix beat NYC when it comes to murder, rape, theft, burglary and vehicle theft.

In Phoenix compared to NYC, you are 26.6% more likely to be murdered, 69.7% more likely to be raped, 5.9% more likely to be robbed, 78.1% more likely to be burglarized, 46% more likely to have something stolen from you and a whopping 79% more likely to have your vehicle stolen. Overall, New York City is 51.8% safer than Phoenix.

Which cities do you want to compare? Check out other crime comparisons on the Area Vibes website. Although there are definitely more dangerous cities than Phoenix, it is shocking to see how much more dangerous it is than Los Angeles and New York City! No, I’m not promoting any websites here, it really is a great tool that I use.

My Thoughts

As a resident of the metropolitan Phoenix area, I can say you don’t see much “random” violence against innocent bystanders. Violent crimes are usually caused by gang rivalries, drug deals gone bad or even domestic violence. Please watch for a future article on the growing drug problem in Arizona.

As a normal, everyday citizen you are most likely to be a victim of a property crime. You would think burglars normally stalk around at night, but in reality most burglaries happen during the day when people aren’t home. The daytime burglaries can start with a knock on the door to see if anyone’s home. If they get an answer at the door, they use some bull crap line about needing to use your phone or something like that. Some of these situations have even turned into home invasions.

Auto theft is HUGE here, and if you have your vehicle stolen you will most likely never see it again. Stolen vehicles are normally taken onto the nearby Indian Reservations, which are considered sovereign nations of their own. Some stolen vehicles are also taken to Mexico. Many people don’t realize just how close we are to Mexico! Phoenix is closer to Mexico than any other major city, beach or forest.

The best advice I can give if you’re stuck living here like me is to do all you can to prevent these crimes happening to you. The crime WILL happen, it just depends on who the victim will be. Don’t be an easy target. Keep your doors and windows locked on your house. ALWAYS lock your car and NEVER leave valuable items inside (iPod, purse, shopping bags, etc).

The #1 method of preventing crime is BEING AWARE OF Y OUR SURROUNDINGS! The problem with people in Arizona is they are not neighborly or friendly and do NOT want to engage in eye contact or conversation! Yes, there will be an article about the people here but I’m getting off track! Anyway, when you’re out in public look at what’s around you. Watch the people, let them know you’re watching. A criminal will pounce on the person who walks staring at the ground over the person who is alert of their surroundings. The alert people always make better witnesses, and criminals don’t want witnesses.

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10 thoughts on “Chilling Crime Facts: Phoenix, Arizona

  1. You make a great point about preventing crime. Unfortunately, as you said, crime will happen, but it is definitely beneficial to take a pro-active approach. Report crime if you witness it, and take precautions of course. Such as, when you are in a parking lot alone, or walking around campus, limit your texting. It can be very distracting and one may not be as aware of their surroundings comparative to someone who is always on alert.

  2. Ben says:

    The first paragraph is all PRISON GANGS, not street gangs. Instead of saying these are the most “popular brands”, just be straight up and say that you know nothing about them. I’m not trying to disrespect though, the rest of your article was decent. Ah, and BTW, Nazi Low Riders is also a Prison Gang, and they are from California, not Arizona.

    • No Arizona says:

      Thanks, Ben. You’re right, they’re prison gangs but they still affect the population when they’re out. I’m definitely not a gang expert, but there is such a long list of gangs and spinoffs that I can’t list them all. Hey, I’m always open to guest authors! I appreciate your comments.

  3. Cassie says:

    Love Arizona Or pheonix You just gotta find the right place not just any where!

  4. TheRealTearDown says:

    As a fellow Arizonan, I was born in the heart of Phoenix. Some call it “The Ghetto” but in reality, it all comes down to what you make of it. Of course, Arizona isn’t a bad state and neither are its citizens. Sure, crime appears everywhere but hey at least here in the Wild Wild West, we are say that we are free of tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes and even rain! (lol)
    It’s not bad here. Some people tend to over react based on what they’ve heard about AZ. Gangs are seemingly everywhere but as long as you keep your distance, you’ll be fine and dandy. As for “california” I hate that place with a passion. NOT CAL 623, 602, 480, 928

  5. samdanielson says:

    The Nazi Low Rider logo is pretty ingenious. Looks like a motorcycle with ape hangers and saddle bags coming at you.

  6. Gotti says:

    These stats can’t be current. I’m from Ohio, Cleveland Dayton cinnci and Columbus is way worse then anything here. Everyone from the mid west is moving to here because of how nice and peaceful it is here. This article make it seem more dangerous then it is. I have moved around the worst part of Arizona. From top to bottom this does not compare to st. Louis or Chicago. This place is fucking like Mayberry. I like it

    • No Arizona says:

      There is no place in Arizona that is anything like Mayberry. I’m glad you like it, but it’s not for some people. It’s unclear as to why you’re posting on this site, but thanks for sharing.

  7. Rogko says:

    Just a look at the daily crime report from the Phoenix police department tells a handful!

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