Phoenix Ranked As The #8 Rudest City In America

People In Arizona Are RudeTravel + Leisure Survey Proves Arizona’s Attitude Problem

In 2010, Phoenix was ranked as the 12th most-rude cities in America, but has moved up to #8 in 2011. This is really no surprise with all the self-centered snobs in Arizona. This was a reader survey out of 35 cities.

My Thoughts

When I first moved here, I maintained my down-home friendly style of waving at people, introducing myself to my neighbors, holding doors open for people, letting cars pull out as a friendly gesture and so on. As I did this, I noticed how no one thanked me for my kindness. Now, I did not act nice to be thanked because I was just raised that way. However, I was raised around people who were humble and thankful for these gestures.

I quickly began to observe when people did not acknowledge me, even face-to-face. I would wave as I drove by a neighbor, and they would literally turn their back toward me. I held a door open for a woman, and she looked at me strangely. I let a car out into traffic, and they give me a look like I’m a sucker for doing that. I allowed an elderly gentleman to retrieve a shopping cart before me and even spoke to him, but did not receive a response. What the hell is going on?

Much like a child who gets burned on the stove, I learned I should not be nice to these people. It was disappointing and VERY depressing, because I like friendly people. Hell, I grew up in the South where we’re famous for our hospitality. What happened here? I slowly became more grouchy and avoided eye contact with people.

One morning, I was driving down my neighborhood street and saw a woman walking her dog on a leash coming from the opposite direction. I can see a long way down my street (all the streets are straight here), so I saw her for a long time. As I approached, she purposely stopped walking, turned around so her back would face me and pretended to talk to her dog. When I passed, she got back up and continued walking as if nothing happened! This woman MADE AN EFFORT to avoid me waving to her! This happens quite often around here, and if I think about it I’ll get a video posted.

When I first moved into my neighborhood, there was an incident where my dog got out and barked at a neighbor as she walked by. She told my young daughter she was going to call the pound on the dog. This made my daughter very upset, and she thought her puppy was going to be taken from her.

I went to speak with the neighbor to assure her our dog was not vicious and to tell her it upset my daughter. Immediately, she became very angry toward me and told her husband to “call the cops”! Can you believe that? In a way, it WAS my fault because I forgot how you’re not supposed to approach your neighbors here. They just want to be left alone. The best part was she was a New Yorker transplanted to Arizona, so she had a great thing going for her! I learned first hand how those two mix, but I also learned I will not walk up to a neighbors house without an invitation.

Do you have any examples of rude people in Arizona? Please share!


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53 thoughts on “Phoenix Ranked As The #8 Rudest City In America

  1. Josh says:

    I experienced many of those same types of incidents. People in Arizona are just rude premadonnas. Phoenix wants to be a carbon copy of L.A. but we all know that will never happen.

    I was once in a car with a friend traveling North on the 101 and his engine caught on fire. We pulled to the side of the highway and got out of the car as quickly as we could. We were trying to flag some help down, maybe someone with a fire extinguisher. I can’t tell you how many service trucks drove by with the drivers either flipping us of, laughing at us, or simply ignoring us. After the engine block had all but melted, a Cox Communications truck pulled over and he was nice enough to empty his fire extinguisher out to get the car fire under control. Police response was about a minute after that. Took them 11 minutes to get there.

    So if your life is ever in jeopardy in Arizona and out in public, don’t count on any help. I know that we were safe outside the car but people just laughed at us and flipped us off. What a bunch of inbred unfortunate individuals.

    • No Arizona says:

      Sorry to hear that happened to you, and it’s not surprising. It all starts with no sense of community, to help their fellow brother/sister. Arizonans are out for themselves and would only give you the shirt off their back if you robbed them of it.

      • holed up says:

        The only friendly people in AZ are bikers. If you get stranded on the highway, be sure to be on a motorcycle! I’ve had terrible car luck, nothing. an hour later, highway patrol came over to check on me. the only time I ran out of gas on the highway with my bike 3 bikers pulled over.
        I don’t know any of my neighbors and I’ve lived in this apartment for almost 2 years. I say hi, and when I try to talk to them, doors slam, heads turn, and phones come out. this is the america the rest of the world knows for sure.

      • No Arizona says:

        Very true, except only REAL bikers. The little crotch-rocket riders wouldn’t give you the time of day.

    • Lidia Kondovski says:

      I agree! Earlier today, I said, “Scottsdale thinks it’s like a Beverly Hills, but it’s not.” 😉

  2. Billy Batson says:

    When I first moved out here to Tucson, AZ my dog was running loose in a wash near first and River and some guy on horse back threatened to shoot my dog if I didn’t put it on a leash. I told him if he shot my dog he better shot me cause I was going to kill him. Now 20 years later I truly need to get out of this hostile piss poor excuse for living state known as Arizona. After all these years I truly hate this state and intend to escape it!

    • John Doe says:

      Well I am from the South too. I have lived here (wning a businss) for 29 years. I can tell you that I travel (to meet others) and note how very friendly peope are in other states. But NOT Arizona. It is vey clickish unfriendly evn when the state had only 2 million people. Very rude folks here. Sad but true.

  3. I recently moved here from California and I have noticed just how unfriendly people are out here. What’s funny is they deny just how rude they are as if the definition of the word does not apply to them. One morning I was walking down the street in my neighborhood and a jogger was about to pass me on the sidewalk, so I waved and said “Good morning!” Asshole looked at the ground and sprinted away like I was stricken with plague. What the hell is wrong with these people?

    • No Arizona says:

      I don’t get it either. Originally from the South, I grew up with Southern hospitality and I’ve discovered there is no such thing as Southwestern hospitality. Thanks for reading!

    • Noelle says:

      Oh my God, you read my mind! I just moved here from L.A and these people are AWFUL! You would think it would be the other way around, but people here have this warped, undeserved superiority complex. There is this inflated sense of self-importance for no good reason at all, especially in Scottsdale. I just moved into a new home out here in Scottsdale, and within a week after moving in, some asshole neighbor came to the door. Instead of introducing himself, he immediately asked me, “What are you going to do about your tree that is hanging down over my bushes?” I told him I’d just moved in so I hadn’t even noticed. He said, “Well you need to tell your landscaper to cut it about 4 feet.” That was my welcome to the neighborhood. I can’t wait to move back to California! I feel like I’ve entered the gates of hell.

      • John Doe says:

        after 29 years o fhaving to be “here” I can’t wait to move too. For years I thought it was me! But new folks who live here are so friendly at first, then withdraw Each one here lives unto himself/herself. It’s an awful place to live…I can’t wait to get away. We go to New Mexico each year for 2 months and it’s our happiest time of the year.

      • Lidia Kondovski says:

        We just moved to Scottsdale about two months ago and we can’t stand it! People are ridiculous here! We are already planning on leaving. We have no desire to live here long term for many reasons.
        I agree that L.A. folks are friendlier!!

  4. Ana says:

    I agree with this to some extent.The Phoenix culture is actually very different from that of Tucson. I lived in Phoenix for 10 years before moving further south. As in all places, you will have both good and bad people that can break or make your day. It surprised me when I moved to Tucson that communities (around the southern part at least) always have potlucks, and there’s even a community book sharing where I live (it’s rather cute, really).

    I wish people were more cultured. Might be the temperature of the state that makes the people need to be so cold hearted. Phoenix people are very much only out for themselves. However, I haven’t had a problem in this city yet. Walking through the neighborhood is always nice here. If you say hi, or nod your head at someone, you can be sure there will be a welcoming reply.

  5. Kaly says:

    I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with Ana. Tucson is NOT polite. Or quaint. Or cute. As a military family we have somehow managed to get stuck in Tucson since 2007. How that could happen I don’t even know. Tucson is a city of one million people, but we cannot have a bisecting city freeway because the Snow Birds keep voting the proposal down. So instead to get from East Tucson to West one must slowly crawl along surface streets that are in a perpetual state of construction. Tucson also has the WORST ranking of education in the entire State. Which is even worse considering how low Arizona ranks nationally to begin with. Even Colorado City, where kids are taught that Warren Jeffs is the President of America, has a better level of education. In Tucson it is incredibly dangerous to cross the street as a pedestrian. In the month of March alone I was nearly hit ELEVEN TIMES in the crosswalk with my infant in the stroller and crossing with a green WALK sign and the right of way. What the heck is wrong with you people??? We have lived in the same home since we moved here. Guess what? No block parties, no Trick or Treatong, and zero neighborly interraction. Don’t even get me started on how practically every home and business has bars on the doors and windows. We live in a gated community and our house got broken into in broad daylight while I was home. I came out of the shower, grabbed a gun, and faced one of tge construction guys working on yhe community and had to threaten to shoot him in the face before he left. Taking my purse with him. It took TPD SIX HOURS TO RESPOND!!!????? So no. Tucson is not nice. The people are rude and appaulingly crude. Every single,day here is pure torment. It is expensive considering how ghetto and dusty everything is. After having lived in ten countries I can by far state that Tucson is the most disgusting place I have ever lived. Nigeria was better and they employ people to roll dead bodies out of the roads and into ditches. Screw Tucson. May it be nuked to hell with all its dirty people.

    • John Doe says:

      I was hoping Tucson was better. But no….the amazing thing is Phoenix/Tucson contain people from all over….so why so darned rude and unfriendly?

      Can any of the City Father’s or Politicians offer an explanation???

  6. Quasar says:

    Hi all. I am a native of Arizona (female), born and raised, and I am one of the happiest and friendliest people you will ever meet. I know that, because I taught in China for three years when I graduated college, and my students were always asking me why I am so friendly and smile all the time. Furthermore, I ended up marrying an incredible man who is Aussie, and we are currently living in Australia. Everyone here says that I am the friendliest American they have ever met. People in Arizona can be very friendly, but I do understand the frustration that some might experience coming from different states. It is considered a place where many people migrate to, and do not have a lot of deep roots. However, people do want connection and want to make friends. You have to make those connections. The same complaints that are made here could also be true of another scenario, of a country town, let’s say in the south, where there aren’t many newcomers. If someone new did come, then the townspeople might have the attitude that they weren’t born there or had not lived there for 20+ years, and therefore should be disregarded. Why get to know them? They might move anyway. (That could be their attitude.) And that is what this all comes down to is attitude. Don’t become a grouchy asshole just because other people have a problem. Be friendly and be yourself. Notice the people who do appreciate what you do. I’m sure you will find some. There is the good and the bad in every place you go. Stop focusing on the negative. Look at people’s hearts. If they are a good person with a sincere heart, it will definitely come out. If they are snobby and self-centered, then feel sorry for them and move on. They are hurting themselves, not you. They have to live with themselves every day of their lives. Join some church groups or other community involvement centers and meet new people. Definitely do not rely on the people at your work to be your new friends and second family. All the best to you all. Arizona is a gorgeous state. There are so many fun things to do!!! Are you taking advantage of that?! There are so many fun weekend trips to take. Take a friend and go out for the day. View the sights. Have fun and get involved! And finally, enjoy the INCREDIBLE Mexican Food (Manuel’s restaurant, Macayo’s or Carlos O’Brien’s) Have you ever had a Chimichanga with shredded beef and sour cream? If not, you are missing out! Get out there and have fun, and enjoy a place that some of us who move away from miss very much. 🙂

  7. Phoenixguy says:

    Oh man I can’t say how much i agree with this. I’m actually a Phoenix native, but I didn’t enjoy the culture here much growing up and chose to go to college in Minneapolis (which I loved by the way, Minnesotans are great people). Then, upon graduating, I made the HUGE mistake of coming back home to AZ. I honestly thought “Hey, maybe I’m just remembering the bad stuff. I’ve grown up a little bit and am more mature, maybe all I need to do is meet some new people and Phoenix will be great.”

    Well, sad to say, it wasn’t me, it was Phoenix. I know it sounds a little ridiculous to say that AZ (and Phoenix especially) is just really weird and different culturally, but IT IS. I have been to most of the major cities and most of the states in the U.S. and I can honestly say that the culture here is just different. Arizonans are RUDE, and there is no sense of community. Like I said, I grew up here and I never really liked it, but it wasn’t until I traveled and left for 4 years that I realized that it’s AZ that’s different. BTW I’ve also lived in Tucson and been all over the rest of the state and I find Phoenix to be the worst part. AND I’ve lived in several areas in Phoenix, including downtown, Scottsdale, and Tempe. Some people will disagree but I’ve found Scottsdale to be the friendliest part. Sure there are snobs but I’ve also found a ton of people originally from the Midwest or Northwest/Northern California that are great.

    • John Doe says:

      I too am a friendly person OR used to be. Phoenix is simply “different” I’ve tried for 29 years to make friends here. I know lots of people due to “business” but no one ever reaches out ever….then I go to Ashville, California, Austin, chicago or New Orleans return to Phx and same thing. The rudeness is glaring. Glad to know I am not imagining this. It’s a calloused place. Really uncivil….

  8. Suzanne says:

    I haven’t been to AZ in decades, and would do my best to avoid the state (mostly because everyone is heavily armed and paranoid…oh, and Joe Arpaio. And your crazy governor. It’s like AZ has out-dumbed TX, MS and AL combined. The population is so far right, Genghis Khan looks like a liberal. As for the climate? Fuhgeddaboutit! Dry heat my ass. When it’s 120, I don’t care if it’s dry or humid, it’s too friggin’ HOT! I am a native Californian, and it has always amused me when people say CA is unfriendly. Native Californians are some of the friendliest, most mellow people around; it’s the TRANSPLANTS that are rude! Maybe that’s AZ’s problem, too – extremists all migrating to the same place?

  9. Rvgirl42 says:

    I am finally leaving AZ after far too many years here. When you live in a place where you become accustomed to low-class, mean-spirited, rude behavior, it’s time to go. The thing that amazes me about some people here is that even casual conversation in a check-out line that is too long doesn’t prompt normal responses. If you say, “Man, I wish they would get more lanes open” normal people would agree. But here, the stranger engages in off-handed attacks back at you to start arguments! I’ve never seen that kind of random hostility from just trying to talk to someone. That isn’t normal and it’s actually very frightening.

    I’m going to say that people here rival the rudeness you find in New York and for what reason? What is the reason to be so freaking hostile and ridiculous when someone just reaches out or is just minding their own business? I see it as a culture of bullying here that is very patriarchal. old white man, cowboy culture that is out-dated and archaic. It’s not just a cultural wasteland here, it’s full of lots of people who felt if they move someplace beautiful, they will be happy – but they were never happy in the first place and never will be.

    I would rather live someplace ugly with friendly people than deal with this. It’s hurtful to be attacked unexpectedly by strangers and neighbors and doing business here is a nightmare – too many crooks and greedy people trying to rip you off. Goodbye to this hell hole. Never coming back!

    • John Doe says:

      Two more years and I too am out of here. I too think it’s the cowboy culture and is an archaic and uncivil place. Most of my clients are nice decent people who are “stuck” here. Quietly enduring the place. Too bad bec. it is a beautiful state. But the lack of civility and common courtesy is a strong indication of the roughness of its people. Newcomers are baffled The average stay here is 5 years.

    • says:

      I’ve lived here for six years and this comment is so right. People are frighteningly hostile for no reason. I’ve never been in a fight before I moved here and every time I leave my house, I’m afraid someone will verbally or physically attack me. People love to argue here, other petty things and even strangers. People love bullying here too. Cliques of lying assholes.

  10. Becky says:

    I moved to Tucson a year ago with my husband from the midwest. I have to admit, even before I moved here, I had my doubts about Tucson, but husband was really ramped up to move here, so I thought maybe I would fall for the place. And after a year we are selling out house and moving back to Ohio to great friends and a welcoming community. Even my husband started to get depressed by the ugliness of the city, traffic and unfriendly people. There are positives to Tucson. Lot’s of sun, great southwest art, beautiful sunrises and sunsets and interesting hiking!

    However in my opinion, the negatives far outweigh the positives. The summer drags on way to long; the traffic and commutes are dreary and the city really looks like a “hell hole.” Salaries suck here and there is not much of a cultural vibe.But what really has gotten to me are the people. In all fairness, I have met several exceptionally friendly people, but in generaI have found folks around here to be very rude and unfriendly. I always have been friendly and outgoing, but after a year of negative interactions with folks I have had it! I had a mind blowing experience the other day! I live near Sabino, in a more modest sub division. Went out for a power walk up Kolb into the Lowes ventana Golf Neighborhood. As ususal, I did want comes naturally to me when I walk by a fellow walker, runner or biker. I smiled, waved and said hi! Yes, probably about 50% ot he people looked right thru me, like I wasn’t there. (“But I’m use to this” I thought, by this time in Tucson.) What really blew me away, was being stopped by a local sherriff, who very nicely told me I fit the description of a woman people in the neighborhood had been calling about. Evidentially, the woman had been ” flicking off” and “yelling” at people in the neighborhood. I was rather shocked and assurred him, it wasn’t me. After all, I’m a mental health counselor and have certainly encountered some wacky folks in this town. It had to be one of those “weird people” I thought to myself. He was nice and seemed sorry to bother me and drove off. After he left it dawned on me….maybe these uppty people were talking about me! just maybe, my friendly hellos and waves were just too much for these folks…man did I start to feel paranoid…but also it also made me realize, why I want to get out of this depressing town as soon as I can.

  11. franco martin says:

    I’m kind of ashamed to write this, as I fear the problems I have encountered in Phoenix on several extended visits are somehow my fault. My nephew did inform me, after I told him some of my stories, that I made major mistakes in addressing strangers for no apparent compelling reason.

    I can give just a few examples. After running on a local high school track, I was crossing the street to go home and somebody in a passing car threw a balloon filled with ice that struck me in the lower abdomen. I’m in good shape, but the pain persisted for many days afterward.

    The gym became so unpleasant that I gave up my membership. One guy, who looked like a model, had around ten pairs of dumbbells scattered around him on the floor. I needed the 45 pounders, which he wasn’t using, so I asked if I could do a set with them. He turned his head, and flicked his hand up and down with a “go away, you’re bothering me” motion. Shortly afterward, a striking female model type came to talk to him. I waited fifteen minutes while they stood there, hogging the weights, not lifting them, but talking. Several of my efforts to practice good gym etiquette got me in trouble as well. I’d ask somebody standing next to a machine if they were using it. They never answered. I’d ask people with angry looks who were hovering around the machine I was using, if they needed to work in. I received nasty replies.

    A lot of people seemed to harbor inner rage. My first day living there, I asked a bus driver if he was going by a certain store. He literally screamed at me. On other buses, I’d hear fellow passengers ask another passenger a directional/stop question. They got screamed at.

    My efforts to make small talk in grocery lines resulted in either silence or an insult. Once, at a grocery store with self-checkout, I was in the process of paying. There was a blue line about six feet away where the next customer was supposed to wait. Nevertheless, right on my back, almost pushing me away was a college kid. When I told him to give me a second and I’d be out of his way, he exploded in anger, threatening to kill me. At another rather new supermarket, I tried to find the self-serve check out, but couldn’t. I finally went to a cashier, and good-naturedly poked fun at myself for not being able to locate it. She literally started screaming at me that there were none because they took away good jobs. She actually was screaming at me. The managers and other cashiers just laughed.

    At a big box hardware store, I asked where the combination locks were. Three different associates rudely mumbled the aisle numbers, as if I were bothering them. One guy started to make fun of my accent, saying to his buddy, “Hey, this guy wants to know if we sell oxes” They kept making fun f me as I scanned the aisle. Finally, I asked a manager, joking to her that I had received three wrong aisle numbers. Perturbed, she proceeded to tell me another wrong one. I finally found them on my own, after passing one more time the laughing “ox boyz”.

    I have many more such stories. I thought that the Phoenix people were nuts. I’ve lived in many urban areas, including some high-crime neighborhoods, and never had any trouble. But Phoenix was my hell-hole. Again, it had to be something about me, but I just hated to go out in public there.

    The culprits were overwhelmingly non-Hispanic whites, seemingly hailing originally from the “friendly” Midwest, particularly Chicagoland. I always wondered why they seemed so unhappy. After all, they were dodging brutal winters in the sunshine. Californians were the other culprits, although they typically were more aloof and haughty rather than hostile. Anyway, once again, this all could be my bad luck.

    • John Doe says:

      It’s not you or bad luck. I see this in the midwesterners too who have moved to Phoenix. everyone is or seems to be so very unhappy. Two more years and we are gone! I’d welcome the bad weather elsewhere. It’s just not “worth it” to try to live here. very clickish, churlish people. Ignoring others is the height of rudeness.

  12. Glad to know I am not the only one who feels the utter lack of culture and community. I hate the poor customer service and hostile people with no manners everywhere in Phoenix. I have lived her 15 years, having lived all over North America, I’de say this place has a surplus of angry people. Horrible schools, corrupt politicians, people who enjoy bulling and low wages. Wonder why?

  13. GuitarGirl says:

    I’m very sad to agree with everyone here, we just moved from TX 8 months ago because of my husband’s job and I feel very depressed how rude people are here in AZ, we moved to Queen Creek and I just don’t get it why parents at our neighbor school (supposedly an “A” school) is so rude! They speed around and inside the parking lot, most of them don’t have any courtesy when driving, they park in the handicap spots and when I tell them something they just flip, unbelivable! I’m friendy and very social but I can’t just, “I tell myself” find the friendly people to make friends with, I just can’t believe it, I have courtesy, I say hi, I stop for drivers that are backing out in the parking lot or need to turn, I smile, I start conversation and nothing! is like people are mad at me, I’m educated (I’m a computer engineer from Mexico, my skin is not dark, people in TX thought I was of persian) so I ask myself is is racism or what? Our school lacks arts activities, community activities, very different from Dallas/San Antonio TX.
    This year the school added the no pets allowed in Campus in the newsletter and this woman keeps coming in her bike with her dog, I told her today that is not allowed anymore in Campus, she said why do you care?! I’m like because is the law, she is like I pay my taxes and I can do whatever I want, is not your business, why you make this such a big dead, I said because if you do it then others do it too just like speeding or just like yeaterday some people yelling because one almost drives over the other guy’s kids and he the offender just flipped them, she said there is nothing you can do, so why you care, this is my life and who cares about what the news letter says, she said her kids go to the school too and is not the big deal, I said maybe is not the big deal for you but is the basics of following the school rules, she just like said yeah yeah get out of here, is not your business, don’t make a big deal. Aother parent 3 weeks ago just stopped in front of everybody exactly in a spot where it says no parking, fire line, and I say hello, oh my God the guy flipped on me, he said yeah yeah give me a ticket I can’t read! I was like your kids and my kids go to th same school, this is both our school why you are so rude at me, he just like wave me off like get out. And this is not the only ones, I’m starting to feel that maybe yes I’m making a big deal about the school RULES to protect our own children, rules/law about driving to protect ourselves and other people while driving on the city streets, is it me? We live in a culdesac and some of the neighbors came to say hello and introduce themselves, for the other half we went to say hello, everybody looks nice but that’s it, nobody comes out to chat, our neighbor’s colege daugther comes almost everyday to visit their family and parks her crappy car right in front of our front door! We don’t want to tell her anything straight cause I don’t want to have problems with the neighbors (right in front of us) we have plenty of space or they have also plent ot space but she likes to park right in front of my door, why? isn’t this logical, very rude, she can still park in my house side but not right in front of my door right where my driveway starts, is very annoying to come out of my garage and to have to go around her car and then my husband comes from work and he has to park away at the end of out house just because this young adult has no manners, I just don’t get it.
    We left very nice neighbors, a great neighbor public school and a lot of friends from church we made just in 3 years that we lived in Dallas Tx and here I am with 8 months a not even one friend, plenty of mormons (we’re christian) and our Church is far and full of seniors, nice people but sad to say not age friend material I love the weather, the mountains, the sunshine, but I’m starting to believe is not worth it. I don’t like the school, lower level, too many kids per class, rude, no saftety anyone can just go through the door without checking, is a joke, I don’t like that the neighbors are not party/chat/gathering material, so social at all, there is no community no good manners, I too hold doors for people, is just in me I do it without thinking and 70% of the time people ignore me, ok don’t thank me but at least frigging smile! God, I miss the good restaurants, the friendly service, the hellos when passing by at the park, the small friendy conversations at the store, is very depressing. I don’t want to tell all this to the husband as he is happy in his job but I can even see it in our kids, asking for extreme attention as not even other parents wants to have play dates with us. We were getting playdates in Dallas all the time, awesome time to meet other parents not just kids, is that not common practice here? Both my kids are very friendly and social/outgoing but I can see is just not working, parents says yes next time, when they ask if they would like to come to our house right in front of me and then I feel kinda rejected that maybe I should not push them to exchange addresses. I don’t know, this is very depressing, by reading others post maybe is not me, seriously I’m really trying and is just not working, I feel like a hermit inside the shell, I’m not like this! Please someone give me advice, why should I do? Keep my kids and myself to us, keep trying to find friends in this rude area or maybe try to go back to Dallas somehow? very sad

    • John Doe says:

      It’s not you. I am light skinned and southern Used to be friendly Can’t wait to leave. You should too. It’s an awful cold rude City….just a sad place to be. So travel renew old friendships and keep your children safe and happy.

    • John Doe says:

      Leave as quickly as you can. After 29 years…I can go in 2 years. I hope to be “around” long enough to enjoy more genteel friendly people that I know exist elsewhere. Yes Pretentious too. And my thinking is about what? Where is the proper upbringing? The niceness?

  14. lived in phoenix 3 years and anywhere in the entire phoenix area are the most inconsiderate, rude, pretentious people with anger management issues who blow a fuse AT ANY LITTLE THING. its like people always look like theyre always disgusted n annoyed at EVERYTHING and EVERYONE just cause your breathing their air. Alota, but not all people of phoenix fit the definition of psychopaths which is some1 whois anti-social and lack empathy. Not all people of phoenix r like this but a good amount and more than the average city and i lived in 5 different states. Its like people get very belligerent VERY QUICKLY at almost anything like they dont have any control over their anger. I have never lived anywher where people r like this 2 such a degree of, hostility, bitterness, pretentiousness and with such a high sense of low class that just act like trailer park entitled brats. i just wanna know why they have a chip on their shoulder and such a superiority complex with no reason 2 have 1. its not beverly hills. i been in l hills and its no way near like the high sense of entitlement phoenix people have with no reason…what gave them the right 2 act so superior, belligerent, condesending and so critical and judgmental and so hostile an disgusted 2ward others 4 no other reason just cause they might ask u the time or just breathing their air?…its not beverly hills, its not manhattan, its just phoenix..they gotta get over themselves

  15. scott says:

    Ive lived in Mesa for 16 yrs now. The scenery in Arizona is absolutely beautiful, but alas, the people in Arizona are the ugliest (inside) I have every met. I finish my grad degree soon, and will leave thsee shit hole people for good. People are so incredibly rude, it is jaw dropping at times. A few years ago, I had my ACL replaced and was on crutches. As I came out of a gas station, one of my crutches slipped on some oil in the parking lot, and I fell. Rather than anyone help me back up, people laughed. Stay as far away from these people, the diamondbacks and scorpions are friendlier.

  16. Cheyenne Walker says:

    I’m originally from southern California and there is nothing but nice ppl there. I was forced to move to Mississippi and there I got a job as a tech support / customer service slave for directv. Anyways I know a lot of ppl who work in customer service say “gosh ppl are rude”. But I actually was shocked that after a month on the job I found that a majority of my bad calls came from Arizona. Like holy shut man I’ve had people belittle me before I could get my name out. Laugh at my attempts to be nice and helpful , one guy was sexists towards me as a female tech. How ironic is it that I find this site while web surfing for common feelings toward arizonians . Ugh they are the most condescending assholish class of ppl I ever came across and iv had calls from all over. I’ve only been to Arizona when I was passing this wasteland on the way to Mississippi and I’ll tell you I’d rather spend 9 more years here then 2 in Arizona. What makes them feel so bloated with self satisfaction that they act this way?

  17. Cory says:

    I currently live here, born and raised in Phx. I’m so sorry for our rudeness. Even I’m rude now, since my 20s because like you, I learned the hard way it doesn’t pay to be nice to people here. I’m guessing the heat here pisses everybody off but I experience rudeness all YEAR ROUND.

    I fucking HATE it here. My goal is to get out of this furnace-like shithole and go somewhere more civilized. The only think I like about this dump is the Grand Canyon. Otherwise I despise Arizona with unbridled passion.

    I currently live here, born and raised in Phx. I’m so sorry for our rudeness. Even I’m rude now, since my 20s because like you, I learned the hard way it doesn’t pay to be nice to people here. I’m guessing the heat here pisses everybody off but I experience rudeness all YEAR ROUND.

    I fucking HATE it here. My goal is to get out of this furnace-like shithole and go somewhere more civilized. The only think I like about this dump is the Grand Canyon. Otherwise I despise Arizona with unbridled passion.
    _Cory, location: Phoenix, A.Z.

    • Cory says:

      Sorry for the double-paste…not paying attention. Moderator may ban due to language anyway but if not please delete half since I can’t delete, if you can. Thanks!

      Still stewing in Arizona.

  18. Beth says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who has noticed this! I moved to AZ over 10 years ago, and had to adjust to the rudeness. I’m not sure what it is- a sense of entitlement? People are disconnected? It seems like there’s no leeway for showing any sort of humbleness or kindness, because that would be “weak.” When people are nice, it seems shallow and fake. It makes AZ lonely, and I’ve become more close off and standoffish. Now I’m not asking for some utopia to live in, but some genuine and nice people – even if they’re not overly friendly – would be welcome. There are people like this, but it’s harder to find. It’s very isolating. Thanks for creating this website and sharing your experiences.

    • Cory says:

      There are some friendliest here, just far and few in between. I don’t know what makes us this way…all I can think of is the heat. Tempers flare year-round but I’m convinced 8 months of heat make us wanna say “Fuck it; I’ma be pissed off for the remaining cool 4 months just to balance out the year.” People here are stuck up for no reason at all and I thought California folks were stuck up. At least they have shit to be stuck up about: beaches, endless entertainment, lots of cool stuff to do. Again, sorry for your wretched experience here. Keep your head up😻

  19. Samantha says:

    This thread may or may not still be live but I am going to put my two cents in anyway..

    I’m originally from New York and moved out here several years ago. I’ve been to 30 states in America and noticed immediately the really unwelcoming / rude behaviour. I’ve also lived in three different parts of Arizona. They are slightly nicer the further north you go. However, being from New York I am used to stern personalities and sometimes unfriendly. Arizona is far more unfriendly than any other state I’ve ever been to.

    People won’t wave at you, give you eye contact, or even do things that are understood as basic common courtesy. I think it’s contagious as people that were once friendly finally got tired of being disrespected, so they inherit the rude behaviour.

    I still try to be polite in hopes it rubs off and people start learning some manners. Driving is absolutely atrocious in Arizona. Perhaps because the road test is so easy and licenses basically never have to be renewed. Arizonans have no concept of letting people pass in the left lane, staying out of blind spots, cutting people off, traffic circles, or even stopping to let pedestrians cross the street.

    I’m not surprised to find a site like this, with so many other complaints. I was surprised when I first moved here just how downright unsociable and RUDE people are in Arizona. Going to other southern states, I had always been surprised by the hospitality (it gets it’s name for a reason). Arizona has to be the only southern state in the union that knows of no such thing. Maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s the desolate landscape and people have else to do, or maybe it’s like I said.. Inherited. Either way, schools out here and parents in general need to start raising their kids to teach people with respect.

  20. jack meoff says:

    damn straight lady… rudest pricks I’ve ever come across, besides NYC.

  21. J says:

    What bothers me about all these articles shaming the various aspects about Arizona is that they all seem very unilateral. There are 3.252 million people living in the Phoenix metropolitan area alone and yet you judge all of them based off the shitty encounter you had with ONE. Or are you to tell me that of all your encounters while living there, not a single person was polite to you? I’d find that hard to believe regardless of where you go.

    • No Arizona says:

      J, I did not write the poll. I simply relayed the information. My experience was not with ONE encounter, but daily. Take a look around, oay attention to the people diverting their eyes from you. Hold the door for someone and see if you’re thanked. I’m sorry, but there are much friendlier places than Phoenix.

    • Aniko Paunoch says:

      How did YOU end up on this site then if you like it here so much and are so different?

    • says:

      You can tell this poster is from Phoenix because they didn’t read anything and still wants to start a fight about it.

  22. Kim says:

    This is scary hearing about Arizona being so rude. Want to move to Az from Orlando, Fl and now not sure. It looks beautiful, fun and hot, but now I am second guessing my choice to move. So sad.

  23. Burned says:

    My family moved here one year ago from TN and we are moving back. I really don’t like stereotypes so I didn’t want to believe that people here were rude. Now my entire family can not wait to get out of here.

    I worked the last year with toxic, unprofessional people whose favorite sport is to backstab each other. Constant whispering the second someone was out of sight.

    The stores are all packed all the time. I say “excuse me” if I accidentally pull my cart in front of someone. I say it even if someone accidentally cuts me off. I have never heard anyone say it to me ONCE. We live in a very expensive apartment complex ($1700/month). I forgot to pay the rent this month. Have paid it every single month on the 1st. We found out when we found a 5-day eviction notice on our front door on the 10th of the month. No warning, no reminder. Then 2 days ago someone left a bag of dog crap in front of our door.

    My 16-yr-old daughter is gorgeous, bright (straight A’s, honor classes), gifted and had a ton of friends back home. Moved here and has been bullied since she arrived. One kid told her the past year that she should die, go kill herself, etc. I informed the school. They offered to give him a warning, but would need to let him know that my daughter was the one who complained. Gee, how about sewing a bullseye to her back? Maybe that would help?

    My husband was stuck in traffic, at a complete halt. A taxi driver plowed right into him. They both got out of the car. The driver never apologized and tried to say that the damage he caused must have been there prior to him hitting my husband. He only gave his insurance information because an officer made him. However, the driver was not cited. When we went to contact his insurance company, they first stated that his other cars were insured but the one he was driving was not, so they tried to dodge paying until we threatened to go back to the police.

    Living in AZ is hard. It is hot as hell 6 months out of the year. It costs more to live here, but the luxuries that often come with living in a higher cost area are not here. So people are struggling. The job market here is horrible. There is no manufacturing here. It is mostly service-oriented. If you don’t speak Spanish, you won’t find a job. Any medical company or service industry position that deals with the public insists that you are bilingual.

    And the crime…. Phoenix is different than a lot of cities. In some cities, the crime elements are largely located in a certain area. Not in Phoenix. Seedy areas are sprinkled all throughout, making any “nice” area within close proximity to a very bad area.

    Did I mention traffic? It is hell. You know the rule many civilized areas use, where people take turns every other car, letting someone in? Nope, not here. Nobody is going to let you in. And when you back off to let someone in front of you, 3 cars are going to dart for that space. We had our kids in the car on the way to the State Fair. We had a road rager whip in front of us and slam on his brakes. We backed way off. Turns out he was going to the State Fair too. So when we exited the same off ramp, and we slowly approached his car, he threw his car into park, opened his car door and started to come at us. He also had kids in his car, small ones. Yeah, totally safe, as we drove backwards down the off ramp just to avoid getting killed.

    Oh wait, did I mention the State Fair? Want to get killed? Go there. I’ve been to State Fairs from California to Texas, to Illinois. Nothing comes close to Phoenix. It looks like every inmate that ever lived is at the AZ State Fair, and noone else. Seriously did not see one person who looked civilized.

    Car insurance is so expensive here. Watch your rates nearly double if you move here.

    Here’s what I’ve learned. There is no perfect place to live. But this place takes the cake. Yeah, the weather in the winter is nice. So what. Everybody lives like hermits from May-September because it’s over 100 degrees. Nothing is green here. It’s the desert. The landscape is pretty in Sedona, but you won’t be living in Sedona. You’ll be living in the valley of death, where nothing grows but dirt. And you’ll be replacing your car batteries and tires almost every 1-2 years because of the heat too.

    And make sure you use your sunblock. There are dermatology offices on every corner. Skin cancer is huge here.

    Don’t come here. We leave in one week and we are counting down the days. I’ve lived in TX, CA, TN, KY, RI, NV, WA, AR. I’ve been to almost every state in the country. Trust me, this place is loaded with very rude people.

  24. Kat says:

    I couldn’t agree more with this article. The weather is hot but the people are freezing. . This article may have been written 5 years ago but it holds true. I moved here from RI 7 years ago in January and sometimes I would like to just move back and deal with the snow over the downright rudeness. When I first got out here I walked the green belt and attempted to say hi to other passers by. I received frightened looks like I was going to assault them, looks up to the sky avoiding eye contact or the waslkee redirecting their routes so there would be no contact at all. At first I thought it was the area but after buying two houses and 7 years of the same experiences this is a downright rude state. In all of the places we lived here we have barely known our neighbors. When meeting people through others it’s the same. Heaven forbid (especially women) you try to get close to any of these people because they can afford anyone to disrupt their clique. They don’t have room for new friends. The friendliest people are simply the ones from other countries. I am praying for the day we are able to leave. It’s a beautiful state but it’s not a great place to live if you are looking for a place to call home.

    • Lidia Kondovski says:

      We just moved here about two months ago from Upstate New York, and we are already planning to move away within the year.
      Arizona is not fit to be called “home” if you’ve lived in towns/cities that have a real sense of community.
      People are cold and rude, horrible drivers; I was side-swiped a week after we got here!! Since then, I’ve really noticed how reckless people drive here: too fast, follow too close, won’t let you in a lane…
      Walking outside, no one acknowledges anyone with a hello or even a smile, and the snobby behavior is off the charts! Maybe it’s because we live in snob central: Scottsdale.
      People like to say that people from Los Angeles are rude but that is simply untrue. I find Californians much more friendly!!
      We can’t wait to move away!
      Anyone reading this that’s contemplating moving to Arizona…don’t do it!
      If you like Arizona’s beautiful landscapes, enjoy them on a vacation, then get out. Do not get sucked in, you’ll regret it.
      Plus, there really isn’t THAT much to do, I mean, seriously, how many mountains can you climb?? It gets old.
      There’s no beaches, winter activities can be far depending on where you live, people are rude, and it’s outrageously hot much of the time.
      As a previous comment stated: I’d rather live someplace that’s unattractive bit with nice people than someplace beautiful and be surrounded by rudeness.

  25. Lidia Kondovski says:

    We just moved here two months ago and we can’t stand Scottsdale! I grew up in Buffalo, NY. Yes, we’re known for snow but we’re also known as, “the city of good neighbors.”
    It’s so true! In our epic snowstorms people will help each other, strangers will help each other! You walk down the street, people will say hello or at least smile at you.
    Don’t even get me started on some of the backwards laws here!!
    Yes, Arizona is beautiful, yes, Scottsdale is snazzy and beautiful but it’s very generic and vapid. It doesn’t have that energy that other cities have. It has not felt like home at all since we arrived. It’s definitely not a welcoming place.
    People are not friendly and are some of the worst/most rude drivers I’ve ever come across, and I’ve driven in Los Angeles, Tampa, Rome and Milan (Italy)!!!!
    We are already making our plans to move away from here in the spring. Arizona has been a huge disappointment.

  26. Susie says: husband and I were stranded in Arizona for 3 days on our way to New Mexico from California. We were refused at multiple estlabenships Chandler, Phoenix to name a few. One last at CVS even had the nerve to tell me she could not accept my money it was counterfeit! We will never go back to Arizona although the grand canyon was great and people were friendly there.

  27. Mel says: google search that directed me here : “why people from Arizona are crazy” lol I used to work at an airport and we noticed with my coworkers that the most neurotic people showed up with an Arizona ID. I was thinking.. is this a thing, or does it only happen to us? Glad I found this piece of reassurance. They are crazy, indeed. Usually they were not prepared to travel – maxed out credit cards, sometimes not even their own, no proper documents, no patience, cutting in front of everyone in line etc
    and the yelling, screaming begins… sometimes we had to call the police because we couldn’t calm them down.
    no wonder they get a drivers license for like 50 years. never seen an expiration date of 2054, only on an arizona DL. who would want to deal with them more often?

  28. David W Powell says:

    Moved to Phoenix from Hawaii 5 years ago.(Financial reasons) The first 2 years I lived in New River.Far Northern area of Phoenix out in the country.I was self employed locally so I rarely had to leave my community to drive into town or even be around people.I found my neighbors in New River to be fairly nice people.Welcoming and polite for the most part with just a few bad neighbors.I thought; “Great,people have aloha here.Maybe it’s not as bad as I was warned before I moved here”.
    It wasn’t until I met my girlfriend who lives in the city of Glendale,another part of Phoenix in the city that I first experienced some of the most confrontational,impatient,rude and arrogant people I have ever been around.I hate to say it but my girlfriend turned out to be “One of them”.I got a first hand look at how the average (Not all) Phoenix citizen thinks and behaves.Especially in traffic.How they think and rationalize.She is not a bad person at all overall but she was excessively aggressive,RUDE and confrontational over the slightest things.There was no reason at all for her attitude other than the equally rude and selfish people around us.Even polite drivers were cussed out for just being there.It’s like people become the very people they despise.I think people act out by examples they see and soon are just as bad as everyone else.”Why should I let this guy into my lane? No one gives me a break”.It snowballs from there.I got to where I avoided driving with her and just plain avoiding town at all.People in Phoenix are a time bomb ready to go off at any little inconvienence.They even create their own confrontations as if they need it like air.Rudeness and anger are the norm,not the exception.I could never figure it out. How could so many rude people with anger issues end up all living in the same sprawling city,with a population of over 1.5 M? Coincidence? I think it’s a learned practice.People feel they cannot be nice or someone will think them weak.I was raised in L.A.but lived 17 years on Hawaii and I can honestly say I have never seen so many people ready to go ballistic over a lane change or some minor incident not even worth thinking twice about.
    example; waiting behind a driver making a left turn at a light.A crippled,older man is doing his best to limp across the street in the crosswalk,causing the driver to have to wait a few seconds longer.After the crippled man gets to the curb on time,the driver rolls her window down,screams and swears at the guy and lays on the horn for several seconds before flooring it and spinning her tires.I am using this incident as an example of what goes on here daily.The typical mentality here.Phoenix is a beautiful city as cities go.Lots of places to hike,boating at Lake Pleasant,A few hours drive to the pines with streams and lakes,Sedona and red rock country.Lots of outdoor activities just hours away.But if you are thinking of moving here,be prepared.It’s HOT 6 months out of the year, very difficult to make new friends,crowded and plain unfriendly,Driving can be stressful but not as congested as L.A.I moved to the Tucson area last year and would NEVER consider living in Phoenix again.I avoid even stopping in that town for gas.Ominous.A hot,stressful time bomb.

  29. Cory says:

    YESSSSS!!!!!! Very happy to report that I’m finally getting my ass up outta here effective 1 November ! My transfer to Minnesota got approved and I CANNOT WAIT. When I say my shit is already packed I’m not bullshitting. Already got a place lined up in Minneapolis and all. And I love cold weather; I’ve lived in cold places. I’ll take blizzards over this Satan-rejected hellhole any day. CANNOT FKNG WAIT.

    Bye No-good Arizona!

    – soon-to-be-EX-Phoenix, A.Z. native effective 11/1.

    -Kiss my ass Arizona-

  30. Hate Arizona! says:

    I totally agree. I’ve been living in Arizona now for almost year and have sadly come to realize how rude and selfish the people are here. So stuckup and think no end of themselves. I certainly won’t be living here long. I can’t wait to leave this place.

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