Mental Health In Arizona

Arizona is one of the most depressed places in the United States

Arizona, One Of The Most Depressing Places To Live

Phoenix was ranked in another one of the worst-of categories, suicides. According to Teen Life Line, suicide is the #3 leading cause of death in Arizona and #9 in the nation for teens. As for teens in Arizona, 26,400 of them attempt suicide each year.  It is a phenomena in Arizona that is not anything new. Since 1985, Arizona has ranked in the top 10 of the nation for suicide rate.

According to the Arizona Suicide Prevention Coalition, suicide is the LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH in Arizona, with approximately 800 people taking their own lives each year. For teens, suicide is the second leading cause of death in Arizona. In Arizona, you are more likely to kill yourself than to be murdered as suicides are double the number of murders. Suicide is not restricted to a certain class of people, age group or ethnic group. Medicine.Net has a great article on suicide risks, statistics and prevention.

My Thoughts

The purpose of this article is not to teach you about suicide, as that goes beyond my realm of knowledge. I definitely do not intend to make depressed people more depressed. Seriously, if you’re having suicidal thoughts, please seek help. For the record, I certainly do not have these thoughts.

It is my hope to highlight to you that although Arizona appears to be sunshine and happiness on the surface, it is one of the saddest states in the United States. I consider myself as a normal, everyday person but I also go through bouts of depression just from living here. The things that depress me about Arizona are written within this website. So far, I’ve covered the air quality, family life, criminal activity, rude people and bad drivers. Believe me, there are many more things than those that bring on negative feelings for me just by living in Arizona!

Below is a news report about the teen suicide in Arizona.


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