Phoenix, Arizona Ranked #10 In Nation for Most Drunk Drivers

According to Forbes, Phoenix was ranked #10 for cities with the most drunk drivers in 2011. In 2010, Phoenix was ranked at #4. The MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) website has some disturbing statistics about drunk driving in Arizona.  In 2010, there were 194 DUI fatalities. Out of all traffic-related deaths in Arizona, 25% were alcohol-related.

During the 2011 holiday season, DUI enforcement is focused around the Phoenix area. Amazingly, people decide to drive after a few drinks (or a lot of drinks) and they usually get caught. During the 2011 DUI task force, there were 46,200 traffic stops between Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas Eve. Out of those traffic stops, there were 18,322 non-DUI related arrests and there were 2,840 DUI arrests. The average BAC (blood alcohol content) was .149, with .08 the legal limit. Yes, driving around Phoenix can be dangerous with that many drunks on the road. Keep in mind, there were 2,840 who were caught by law enforcement…no telling how many slipped through the cracks. (Source: azcentral)

It’s real simple, people. Don’t drink and drive. Alcohol and drugs impair your ability to think clearly, and people ALWAYS think they’re not as impaired as they really are. Drunk and drugged drivers are very selfish people in my opinion because they are not concerned with the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children who are also sharing the roadways. Losing a loved one to an impaired driver has to be the worst kind of pain because it is so senseless, especially when the drunk driver survives and the innocent doesn’t.

Be careful out there, and if you see a suspected drunk driver call it in to local police. If possible, follow the vehicle as much as you can until police arrive. You just might save a life!

Everyone eliminates alcohol in different ways depending on age, weight, gender, etc. A general rule of thumb I personally follow is 1=1. One drink will eliminate in about one hour. Beyond that, keep in mind that a taxi is a lot less expensive than a DUI.

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2 thoughts on “Phoenix, Arizona Ranked #10 In Nation for Most Drunk Drivers

  1. Jack says:

    These people are worse than barbaric…a stunning expose!

  2. Shawn says: recent rash of wrong way drivers on the freeways here in AZ is staggering. Just this past month I believe there were 2-3 within days of each other and involved fatalities. I’ve seen nothing like it on the scale that is seen here with it happening so often.

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