Arizona Allergy Season

Allergies often wreak havoc on people in the desert.

Did you know Arizona used to be a haven for people to move to who had allergies or other respiratory problems?Looking back on history, Doc Holliday moved from Georgia to Arizona to help with his  tuberculosis. He was given only a few months to live, but he considered that moving to the drier and warmer southwestern United States might slow the deterioration of his health. (Source: Wikipedia)

I recall a quote by Doc Holliday in the Wyatt Earp movie: “Have you ever been to Georgia? Beautiful state, Georgia. Very green. I was forced to leave Georgia. I fear that I will never see it again.”

Sometimes I fear I will never see my home again, either…but I’m determined to get out of Arizona!

Allergies are particularly bad this year. According to this article, January was the third driest month on record. That’s saying a lot for a state known for being dry. The article goes on to say it will get worse until we start getting 100+ degree weather a few days in a row. That means the alternative to nasty allergies is hot weather. Which would you accept? I reject both, but for now I have no choice until I leave this desert.

I found a perfect description of life in Arizona by Steph Borel:

I seriously feel like every ounce of moisture has been sucked from my body and I’m slowly dieing in a desert! I’m dizzy 24/7, and to top it off, my poor guitar is withering away into a dried up tooth pick that no humidifier can salvage! Winter time was perfect! It was great! I felt wonderful, had a wonderful run with my music.. but now leaving my house is torture! My electric bill is outrageous to boot, and the poor thing can’t do any better than 82 degrees.. i have it set on 76, and i NEVER get 76!! I get 82 at best. O_o

So the solution? Time to pack it up and get out of dodge. I’m going back to Big Bear, closer to my family and to a place where I can leave the house without melting. Yes, there’s snow..lots of snow.. but I’d much rather deal with cold snowy winters, than Hot Hot, beyond anything that anyone should ever live in, Hot summers. And people think it’s tolerable because it’s a “dry heat”.. I’ve lived in the humid heat of Louisiana for a few years and NEVER had any problems.. the crawfish kept me alive out there.. but the dry heat.. whoa, its like the life is being sucked out of you.. dry heat is gods way of saying “PEOPLE YOU SHOULDN’T LIVE HERE”..

So that’s my shpeal on this hot summer day in Scottsdale, Arizona. The heat didn’t beat me, I’m just allergic. (Source: Steph Borel Web Design)


This is a great description of what living in Arizona is like. I reject the idea the only people with this point of view are people who aren’t from Arizona. I have plenty of friends who were born and raised in Arizona, but hate it and want to move. Arizona is similar to that small town in movies where the kids dream of leaving one day. My mistake was moving here in the first place.

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2 thoughts on “Arizona Allergy Season

  1. Steph Borel says:

    Update from source: After moving, i still had the same issues.. come to find out I have meniere’s disease..cause is still unknown, but I think its my allergies cause the more i get the allergy symptoms to more onset of dizziness and meniere’s symptoms i get… almost lost all the hearing in my right ear, and life’s a b*****.. was it arizona’s allergies that brought this on?? I’ll never know..

  2. No Arizona says:

    Thanks for the update, Steph! I’m glad you made it out of the desert, and hopefully I’m not too far behind!

    What exactly is meniere’s disease? Did you ever catch valley fever while you were living in Arizona?

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