Cluster Houses In Arizona

Arizona Houses
Cluster homes in Arizona


Your eyes are not deceiving you, these houses really do have overlapping roof lines! Look at how close the windows are to each other! It would be easy to be Spider-man here, jumping roof-to-roof and whatever a Spidey-man does. I really don’t know the legality of intersecting roofs, but these houses are occupying the same space.

Fortunately, my house is not like this but this is a good representation of new builds in the Phoenix area. Builders are cramming as many houses into each acre as possible. It’s all about money for them, while the people who live here are stuck looking at these ugly cluster homes. Notice the colors of the houses? Everything is always painted some variation of brown.

With houses this close together, they may as well be apartments!

This is an example of typical cluster homes in Arizona

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