More People Are Moving Out of Arizona Than Moving In

More people are moving out of Arizona

I recently saw a news report on TV where “U-Haul data shows many choosing to move to Phoenix”. This didn’t make sense to me because I live here, and I see numerous vacant homes. Besides, U-Haul providing data on moving patterns is like Holiday Inn giving advice on resorts.

This data is the hopeful Phoenix media creating something positive to convince more suckers to move here. I’d really like to see this data and see where people are moving FROM. Are they moving FROM one part of Phoenix to another? All we have to go by is the manager of a U-Haul saying how busy it’s been.

Arizona SucksBeing the skeptic I am of any positive Arizona facts, I decided to look a little deeper into this. What I found directly contradicts the news story previously mentioned. We have the worst housing market here, and I’m very doubtful Phoenix is a popular destination for people relocating from different parts of the country.

The first article I found was from a Phoenix news radio station. In the article, it provided data from 2011 and showed 2,206 households moved out of Arizona  and only 2,056 came in. Their source was the Phoenix Business Journal. This map shows the American migration pattern in detail.

A local Phoenix newspaper printed an article this month showing more people are moving out of Arizona than in. The article points to economic problems, both locally and nationally, as having stifled Arizona’s population boom.

Surprisingly, none of the articles speak about the things that bother me the most about Arizona. The writers speak of the economy, jobs, etc…but no one in the media will touch on the fact living in Arizona just sucks! Arizona is bad for your mental health, has bad drivers, barren landscape, pollution, valley fever, HOT weather, crime, drugs and a poor quality of life.

I found a great article from a Seattle news outlet called The Stranger. The article was appropriately titled, “Fleeing Phoenix: Refugees Streaming North from the Desert Shithole”. There are too many good quotes to list here, but this one really sticks out:

These days, unhappy white Angelenos are no longer moving north but east, into the desert cities of the Southwest. In an attempt to accommodate new residents used to slightly cooler climates, Phoenix’s sprawl now clusters around artificial lakes (from which water evaporates in huge volumes), to create the illusion that Arizona is not a desert.

Today, on April 10, 2012, it was in the 90’s in Arizona. That is summertime in most normal parts of the country. Although it’s not even hot yet (by Arizona standards), I am already becoming agitated at the feeling of hot air. I guess I shouldn’t complain too much because I’ll be begging for the 90’s by August and September.

I’m not surprised more people are moving out of Arizona than in. I’m hoping this website will serve as a source of information for people considering a move to Arizona and wondering if they should go through with it. If you’re one of those people, keep in mind I’m not from Arizona originally and I did not grow up in the desert. Now that I’m here, I realize this is not the place for me. If you’re considering a move to the desert, please read these articles and consider your options.

Of course, there are people who love Arizona and can shed positive light on desert living. You won’t find cheerful articles about desert living, because I just don’t find life in Arizona appealing. If you’re looking for the hand-holding-sunny-cheerful side to Arizona, try Googling it. I already put in the search query for you, so go for it!

Fireflies at night under a canopy of trees!I have no political or personal agenda against Arizona. I’m not trying to sway your opinion. I hate living in Arizona, and the articles posted on this website detail the reasons why. It is my hopes that you, the reader, will find at least ONE sentence of these articles insightful regarding the quality of life in Arizona. If you’re also missing home and living in Arizona, I hope you find your escape one day.


As for me, I will once again sleep under a canopy of tall, green trees. The crickets will be chirping at night. I will again witness the fireflies paint their light across the canvas of darkness. That’s living!

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9 thoughts on “More People Are Moving Out of Arizona Than Moving In

  1. Paul says:

    I been in ax 4 10 years u people r crazy thinking this is a nice place but one thing I have noticed n guest that cum visit say there r so very low class people here n most r just stuck here but not me I’m moving back to the united states I’m suck of Mexico n I think the sun n dust has got to u here u can stay n pretend it’s a nice place all u want n please stay so u don’t screw up the rest good rid dons Mexico

  2. Billy Batson says:

    I truly don’t like living in Arizona and really need to move out and away from these crappy desert. Everything you say about this crappy place is true.

  3. Louie says:

    Arizona is a cheap place to live that attracts people who are tired of other big cities, or who couldn’t make it elsewhere. With that, comes a huge population of uneducated knuckle-draggers, families and older folks. The work scene is for the most part unprofessional. Arizona can’t even keep its’ graduates from ASU/AU/NAU/UOP/GCU instate after they graduate. They all flock to other parts of the country, and a serious case of brain drain takes place. It’s easy to be a “big shot,” or at least act the part in Phoenix, but the same big fish here, would be a small fry in a real city. Speaking of real city, Phoenix lacks any real amount of culture.

    Due to the ease of living, and the low cost, it inspires a lot of laziness and resting indoors during the summer months – which last 8 months out of the year. People are just plain lazy here with a poor work ethic. Is it no wonder that the downtown can’t even get going? Strip malls all over the place, this place is just one big sprawled suburbia masquerading itself as a big city.

    Anti-intellectuals roam about and seems to be the case. If you want to party, get fat, eat, play golf, buy a cheap house, etc… knock yourself out. To be fair, not all of Arizona is like this, but a good amount is. People here are very passive, with no desire to do better at all. If you’re not elderly, have a family, or a small kid, or college student – you really shouldn’t be in Arizona.

  4. jc says:

    I LOVE this site, keep up the good work! I googled az sucks and found you and thank god I did!

  5. hc says:

    I grew up in Los Angeles and moved out to Phoenix… must say that I am insanely happy to have moved back to LA!

  6. Aaron says:

    Phoenix az is nasty shit hooker and bums own this place . They work the shit out of people here just because all the illegals here work for nothing so they thing everybody should I can’t wait till I get the fuck out of this shit hole

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