You’ve Lived In Arizona If…

You’ve Lived In Arizona If…

Why Is It So Hot In Arizona?

You no longer associate bridges or rivers with water.

You discover, in July it only takes two fingers to drive your car, because your steering wheel is so hot.

The best parking is determined by shade…..not distance.

You realize that “Valley Fever” isn’t a disco dance.

You can make sun tea instantly.

Hotter water comes from the cold water tap than the hot one.

It’s noon in July, kids are on summer vacation and yet all the streets are totally empty of both cars and people.

You burn your hand opening the car door.

You think a red light is merely a suggestion.

This is an example of typical cluster homes in Arizona

All of your out-of-state friends start to visit after October but clear out come the end of April.

You think 60 tons of crushed red rock makes a beautiful yard.

Your house is made of stucco and has a red clay tile roof.

Vehicles with open windows have the right-of-way in the summer.

People who have black cars or black upholstery in their car are automatically assumed to be from out of-state or nuts.

You know better than to get into a car with leather seats if you’re wearing shorts.

You know a swamp cooler is not a happy hour drink.

Arizona's failing real estate market

You take rain dances seriously.

When a rainy day puts you in a good mood.

When you drive two miles around a parking lot looking for a shady place

The temperature drops below 95 and you feel a bit chilly.

You would give anything to be able to splash cold water on your face.

You realize that asphalt has a liquid state.

Keep it going!

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8 thoughts on “You’ve Lived In Arizona If…

  1. kristasta says:

    …your chickens lay hard boiled eggs…

  2. Desolate kitten says:

    -your day doesn’t start until the sun goes down

    – during summer theres a lot of ppl still at walmart shopping around 1am

  3. TheTram says:

    When you know not to leave plastic on the dashboard. CD, DVD, Cassette and crayons.

  4. TheTram says:

    -When tire remnants are scattered all over the highway, you know the heat is back.
    -When your pool is warmer than your bathtub.
    -When an umbrella is used for shade not rain.
    -When you reach for your seat belt, you handle it like a branding iron.
    -When you leave town and realize you don’t own a proper coat.
    -When you mow the lawn in the dark.
    -When you water your rock yard with vegetation killer.
    -When it rains and your wipers are hard as rocks and don’t work worth a crap.
    -When carrying a comb on nature walks is recommended.
    -When you know mirrors on cars are better SOS signals then their intended purpose.
    -When summer time means sadly dressed men & women.

  5. dg says:

    Well this is a little unfair.

    It’s true in the summer months the heat can get pretty old… But:

    -The rain rarely ruins your day
    -Outside of summer, the temperatures are beautiful
    -You don’t have to shovel snow – at least in the Phoenix area
    -Where do you actually stay outside for long periods of time in the summer – anywhere?
    -How much time do you actually get stuck outside in the summer?
    -Spend some time in New England (where we are from) and you will appreciate Arizona

    Just my 2c worth..

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