Arizona Stargazers Beware: Telescope Starts House Fire

Telescopes In Arizona

Telescope In Arizona Starts House Fire

As if the sun weren’t intense enough in Arizona, having a telescope in your home is also a fire hazard.

Who would think a fire extinguisher would be needed when it comes to using telescopes? In Carefree, Arizona, a house fire is thought to be started by a telescope. A Telescope can start fires the same way you use a magnifying glass to fry ants and burn things on a sunny day. The sun in Arizona already makes us feel like ants under a magnifying glass on a hot day (See “Why Is Arizona So Hot?”).

A telescope starting a fire is extremely rare, and the stars literally have to align for it to happen. The sun must shine directly into the telescope for its rays and heat to be magnified. If the telescope is pointing at a wall, curtains, furniture, etc, it can very easily ignite a fire.

It's Too Hot In Arizona

Fear not, it’s a one in a million chance of it happening. It’s a funny and ironic story worth sharing with fellow “No-Arizonans”! I mean, where else in the United States could this happen?
(Source: ABC 15)
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