Rain, Rain, Please Stay and Go Away Another Day

Missing Rainy Days

Rain? What’s That?

It’s only June, and I already long for rainy days. Arizona is one of those strange places where cloudy, rainy days cheer you up. Arizona is the Twilight Zone of weather where reality is confusing and maddening.

The sun is shining bright, it’s hot and there is not a cloud in the sky. Normally, that would sound like great summertime weather. In Arizona, it’s another monotonous day of painful heat. Summer is dreaded in the desert, and cabin fever drives you mad. I can’t remember when it rained last, and there are no realistic hopes for rain as of yet.

At the time of the writing, the Phoenix area has received only .7 of an inch of rain in 2012 so far. On average, Phoenix experiences 122 days of extreme heat in a year and 211 days of sunny weather. To put it another way, Phoenix experiences 3,872 hours of sun in a year and 85% of the year is sunshine. That much sunshine wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t hurt so much.

Yes, it IS a dry heat! But, it is best described as an anhydrous, arid, athirst, baked, bald, bare, barren, dehydrated, depleted, desert, desiccant, drained, dried-up, droughty, dusty, evaporated, impoverished, juiceless, parched, rainless, searing, shriveled, stale, thirsty, torrid, unmoistened and waterless heat!


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3 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Please Stay and Go Away Another Day

  1. marysparacinobortel says:

    And when a little wind starts blowing, it’s like having an oven door opened on you and then putting a fan on it! UGGGGG!!! But…it’s a DRY heat! WhateverRRR 🙂

  2. Cristopher says:

    Sigh…just another day in this paradise that I like to call – Barren-zona.

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