Lions And Tigers And Bears…Oh MY!

Scorpions under a black lightLions and tigers and bears are nothing compared to the demonic creature found here in Arizona. Beware; they come out at night, when the human eye cannot see them very well. If you’re smart, you’ll keep a black light next to your bed and a pair of house slippers close by, but not on the floor! Should you have to get up during the middle of the night, these two items will be your best friend!

I’m referring to the evil SCORPION! Muuuhahahahha! That’s right…even Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, Lon Chaney, Jr., and Bela Lugosi feared for their lives when encountered by this horrid creature of the night! They make vampires stay in their coffin and ghosts are happy that they float and not walk in the Arizona deserts!

Scorpions in Arizona

Some people take their ultraviolet black light out at night and scan the perimeter of their house to find these devilish looking things. When the light shines upon them they glow in this freaky deaky neon blue color!  The best way to catch them is to put double-sided tape around a long stick of some sort and when you find one, simply touch it with the stick – they get stuck to it; then you can burn them later. Just don’t breathe the smoke when you are burning them or you may start growing little baby scorpions inside you – BOO! Are you creeped out yet? If not, maybe these photos will do the trick! Sleep with your lights on tonight!

Captured Scorpions on a stick

Arizona, the Valley of the Sun, where cactus bloom & the skies are blue; where the air is dry, and scorpions STING YOU!

Enjoy your stay and ya’ll come back now – ya hear?

Desert love, Mary.

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