Arizona Is (Perpetually) Burning

Arizona Wildfires destroys everything in its path

Arizona Wildfires Prolong

The Arizona wildfire season was already off to a quick start, and Arizona continues to burn well into June 2012. Here is the latest:

Fox Fire

The Fox Fire was started the Coronado National Forest was estimated to be 3,200 acres in size. About 180 crew members are working this fire and is 10 percent contained.

Poco Fire

The Poco Fire is burning six miles northeast of Young (map) in the Tonto National Forest. It is estimated to have burned 3,700 acres so far. The cause of the Poco Fire is under investigation.

Sunflower Fire

The Sunflower Fire has burned 17,618 acres 20 miles from Payson and is 80 percent contained.

Even More Fires

The 257 Fire has scorched 2,860 acres four miles southeast of Superior and is 85 percent contained.  The Comet Fire has burned 200 acres and is approximately 11 miles from the 257 Fire. The Comet fire is 50 percent contained.

A hazy brown cloud over Phoenix

The wildfires and the typical Phoenix pollution is what makes breathing in Arizona uncomfortable. Difficulty breathing, itchy eyes and a burning sensation in your sinus cavity is normal for Arizona residents. I wish I could say you learn to live with pulmonary discomfort and searing heat on your skin, but there is no getting used to life in Arizona. Rather than becoming acclimated to those sensations, you learn to expect discomfort and pain during the summer and you’re no longer surprised when they come. And as each year passes you become angrier, wondering why you moved here in the first place.


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