Arizona Becomes Hotter Each Year

The high temperatures in Arizona can be very dangerous

It’s Not Your Imagination, Arizona Is Getting Hotter

A new Climate Central study proves Arizona is becoming hotter as time passes. Arizona was found to be the fastest warming state in the nation, and it will only get hotter and see more severe droughts in the future. Arizona is currently in a 13-year drought.

Arizona daytime highs temperatures are not drastically changing, but the overnight lows are. Since the 1990’s, the average overnight low in Phoenix during July and August has risen by about four degrees, from 81 degrees to 85 degrees. August 2011 was the hottest month in Arizona history.

If you’re an active reader of No Arizona, you will realize this is not an enviro-political article. Do not refer to this article as proof for against global rising temperatures. No Arizona purposely stays away from political topics. The only agenda promoted here is why living in Arizona is a burden and a life-draining experience.

With that said, it is believed the reason Arizona, particularly the Phoenix area, is getting hotter is due to Urban Heat Islands (UHI). UHI’s are the result of rising temperatures in a metropolitan area due to modern development. The UHI effect in Phoenix is so strong that it prevents entire weather systems from moving into the valley. For more information, refer to our article on the Phoenix “Heat Bubble”.

The longer you wait to move from Arizona, the hotter it will become. A four degree rise in temperature in 20 years is quite dramatic, and Phoenix continues to build. Each house, building and roadway built is another heat trap. At night, you can literally feel heat radiating off of surfaces long after the sun has gone down. During the summer, it is common to see the temperature well above 100 degrees during the 10 o’clock news report. But it’s a dry heat, right?


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