Protect Your Pets During Extreme Arizona Desert Heat

How to protect your pets during the hot summer desert heat

Pets Suffer in the Arizona Summer, Too

There’s no getting around the fact it’s extremely hot in Arizona during the summer. Imagine going outside with a fur coat on in the 115 degree heat, and that is what your pets experience when they’re outside. The extreme summer heat in Arizona is very uncomfortable for your pets.

Surprisingly, there are people who still leave their pets outside without access to shade and water or those who leave dogs in the car with the windows cracked. These situations fall under the realm of animal cruelty, which is a serious crime in Arizona.

The following guidelines will help your pets cope with the extreme heat:

  • On extremely hot days, leave your pets at home and provide them with shade and water
  • Leaving a pet in a parked car in the sun of a hot summer day is very inhumane in the Arizona summer heat.  The inside of a vehicle can reach 160 degrees (F) or higher and cracking your window open will not provide enough ventilation to cool a pet.  Just leave them at home.
  • In the Arizona desert, a clear sunny day can quickly change lightning, thunder, flooding and violent rushing water.  Sometimes there’s no choice but to keep them outside, but keep in mind how rapidly the weather can change.
  • Pavement heat is uncomfortable for your dog.  People new to the Arizona desert are often unaware of just how hot the pavement can get.  If you can’t walk on the pavement barefoot, neither can your pet.  Booties are available for your pets to walk on the hot pavement.
  • Be aware of other desert critters: Javelinas (wild pigs), scorpions, rattlesnakes, gila monsters (giant lizards) and coyotes.
  • Pets often contract Valley Fever and can die from it. Keep them inside during dust storms.

If you suspect animal abuse and/or cruelty in Arizona, please report it.


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2 thoughts on “Protect Your Pets During Extreme Arizona Desert Heat

  1. If you don’t wanna leave yourself outside without water under the scorching heat, then pls don’t do the same to your dogs..

  2. TheTram says:

    This is one of the sadist things about the Arizona heat. Dogs normal body temperature is between 101.5 ~ 102.5 degrees. Temperatures from weather stations are taken in the shade.

    The only place a dog can can sweat is through the pads on his feet and they must pant in order to cool down. People who leave their dogs in areas with no shade or locked in the car with windows cracked (even open) are placing their dog in danger.

    If your not going to allow the dog in your home with AC comfort, the LEAST you can do is provide plenty of shade, water & for God sake, wet the ground down somewhere in the shade. As the water evaporates from the dirt\mud, it cools making is a very nice cool spot to lay until the sun goes down.

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