Report: Phoenix Men Not Manly

Phoenix gets more manly, but not there yetPhoenix Is Below Top 20 Manliest U.S. Cities

Phoenix moved up from #32 to #25 in the manliness rankings.

A recent report by Mars Chocolate North America (yes, the candy bar company) conducted an annual study and ranked major U.S. cities in order of their manliness. You can read the full report here.

The results of the study were based on city data such as the number of home improvement warehouses, steakhouses and manly occupations per capita.

The least masculine cities were in California, where testosterone is scarce. Oakland, San Francisco and San Diego took the last three spots.

The most masculine city was Oklahoma City.

If tough cowboys come to mind when you think of Arizona, you are sorely mistaken. The true cowboys in Arizona are outnumbered by the soft-handed metrosexuals and Scottsdale douche bags (funny YouTube video!).


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One thought on “Report: Phoenix Men Not Manly

  1. Josh says:

    LMAO! You hit the nail on the head. Cowboys? Yeah right! Arizona is full of metro-sexual sissy boys who couldn’t saddle a horse let alone tell you what the hell one looks like.

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