An Unwilling Return to Arizona from My Temporary Escape


The photo you see is the area where I was spending vacation. There was water, trees and rain. Having grown up there, I was surprised to find those elements as a big deal. It felt comfortable and good to be home again. Unfortunately, it came to an end.

Arizona from the airplane window

I had to come back to my life in Arizona. It’s a life I wish I would have never started because family roots have grown in the desert floor. I’m trying desperately to pull those roots up with all my might and plant them among the trees. I became very sad when I took the picture from the airplane. I left my happiness behind, and I’m still having a hard time dealing with being in the desert again.

People around me often say I need to look at the positive side of things. It’s the same people who talked me into moving into Arizona in the first place. In a way, they’re right. My trip out of Arizona has strengthened my resolve to leave the desert. I feel like a warrior preparing for battle. However, this is a silent battle because the people around me can’t understand why I hate living in Arizona so badly. It’s a battle I will win.

This site was created for fellow No Arizonans to connect with and understand each other. I thank you for your understanding, No Arizonans!

So, which is more desirable?

Phoenix ranked 7th most polluted city

Or This?
View of a lake



2 thoughts on “An Unwilling Return to Arizona from My Temporary Escape

  1. William P. Hutchison says:

    Love the contrasting pictures. That shot of Phoenix looks like Hell on Earth,I’m not kidding.
    I think those people who tell you to look for the positive side of things are just living in denial.

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