Stucco, Cactus and Scorpions, Is That All There Is?

Arizona has much to see. The Grand Canyon, Sedona, Flagstaff, Tucson, Tombstone, and even more. We’re very close to MEJ-HI-CO (that’s MEXICO for those of you who don’t speak Spanish…LOL!); less than a 5 hour drive to San Diego, and not much further to LA, and other parts of Northern CA. But, this can all be enjoyed by a simple ‘visit’ or two to Arizona. There truly is no need to live here. If there is a job opportunity for you here in the Valley of the Sun, I suggest you spin that job wheel one more time and hope that it lands somewhere else!

Stucco, stucco and more stucco! Blaa…boring. All houses look about the same. Square stucco boxes. The only difference…some are bigger than others. Summers are hot, winters are perfect, so again, come visit when the climate is nice, but why pack up and set up camp here? Why did I do it? Ohhh…like I always say, “Everybody has a story.” But how does the story go? Do the chapters change? Well, this chapter of my life will hopefully change soon and take me someplace more appealing. I prefer the East Coast, but Northern California – Wine Country, would be nice! Actually, there are many places I can think of where I’d rather be. A house in Italy would be great; Switzerland would be great, etc. etc. etc., all get-a-way places of course.

So, back to Arizona…well, there’s never really much to say about this place. I mean, like I mentioned earlier, there are great scenic places here in AZ, and I have met quite a few nice people (most of them are from Back East…hey, what can I say!!??), but overall it’s just a desert.  Dry, hot, nothing exciting, and scorpions all over the place. Sometimes I swear I can hear my air-conditioning unit crying.

Heat related deaths in Arizona

The news breaks just to give heat warnings; which basically during the months of June, July and August, is just about every day. “Stay inside” they say, like we weren’t planning on doing so? “Drink lots of water” they say, really? Thanks for the tip. The wind blew up some dirt two days ago, but not like a Habboob or a monsoon, just blowing dust (it happens a lot here). You would have thought the world came to an end – all local news channels were airing the “DUST STORM.” This may have caught the eyes of visitors, but to us who have lived here it’s like ‘really?’ But I guess I can’t blame the newscasters and the weather people, they must be bored out of their minds. They’d have a nervous breakdown doing the news in NYC, Washington, DC, or perhaps even Florida! LOL!!

Every location has their good and bad points, so we just have to choose what’s best for us. The Arizona desert is just not cutting it for me. Wanna swap houses (they’re not selling)? It’s always an option, Lee and I are open to it…I’m just say’n!  🙂

Hibernating until late fall…Love, Mary.

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One thought on “Stucco, Cactus and Scorpions, Is That All There Is?

  1. Troi says:

    I personally love how they came up with the term……”dustnado” or “dirtnado”… are you kidding me……

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