A High of 114° Today…How Is It Elsewhere?

Why Is It So Hot In Arizona?There’s no getting around the fact it’s blazing hot in Arizona right now. This is the time of year where our thoughts drift off to other parts of the country, wishing we were enjoying cooler weather. Without further ado, let’s compare the weather in Phoenix to the cities we covered in the article, Phoenix’s Mixed Up Weather. We’ll be taking a look at the weather on 7/9/2012 and see how Phoenix made out!

Let’s see some reader participation on this one, No Arizonans! I have two very important questions for you at the end of this article…

How does the weather in Phoenix compare to New York City?Phoenix vs New York City

Phoenix: High of 114° (F), Low of 92° (F).

New York City: 72° (F), Low of 60° (F).

How does the weather in Phoenix compare to Atlanta?Phoenix vs Atlanta

Phoenix: High of 114° (F), Low of 92° (F).

Atlanta: High of 88° (F), Low of 69° (F).

How does the weather in Arizona compare to Minnesota?Phoenix vs. Minneapolis

 Phoenix: High of 114° (F), Low of 92° (F).
 Minneapolis: High of 85°, Low of 67°.

How does the weather in Phoenix compare to Iraq's temperatures?Phoenix vs. Baghdad, Iraq

Phoenix: High of 114° (F), Low of 92° (F).

Baghdad: High of 113° (F), Low of 82° (F).

And just for the giggles, Kabul Afghanistan was only 97°.

For those who have never experienced the Arizona summer heat, you really have to feel it to truly understand. Imagine entering a room with multiple heating lamps on all four walls, the ceiling and the floor. It’s a type of heat that stings and encompasses your entire body. It’s a searing heat that literally hurts. Some could argue humidity is worse, but Arizona provides a very unique hot.

When people attempt to convince you to move to Arizona, they will tell you things like “it’s a dry heat”, “it’s hot for only 4 months out of the year” and “it’s not that bad”. The unfortunate truth is a dry heat feels like an oven blasting your entire body, the hot months are between April to October (up to 7 months) and YES…it IS that bad!


Reader Participation

It only takes 5-10 seconds to respond to this article, so let us hear from you!

I have two very important questions for you:

  1. Where would you rather be during this time of year?
  2. How would you describe the Arizona heat to someone who has never been here?
As for me, I would rather be at this lake in Georgia (see below).

View of a lake

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3 thoughts on “A High of 114° Today…How Is It Elsewhere?

  1. Troi says:

    I would rather be in vermont in summer, and how i describe arizona heat to others…..well i tell them to simply walk over to their oven, turn it on 400 for about 3 minutes and open the oven door and just stand there…….

  2. june smith says:

    I lived in the San Fernando Valley, LA most of my life, but vacationed in Lake Havasu City AZ. We retired here. I HATE the summer weather, but the town and the lake are lovely and NO SMOG!! I couldn’t live in the heat of Phoenix with the bad air. Smog in LA was bad enough, but cooler than this. I like the small town here, but would prefer much cooler summers.

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