August In Arizona

August in Arizona is miserableEndless Summer

It’s August, and it’s hot. It’s a given fact that will never change and people in Arizona reluctantly accept it. It’s hot for about six months in Arizona, but what’s so unique about August?

In 2012, the first 100 degree day was in April (4/21/2012). Summer weather begins early in Arizona and lasts until approximately the middle of October. That is about 6 months of miserable weather each year, depending on when the heat finally releases its clutches on Arizona.

For the first few years of living in Arizona, I often made the mistake of using August as a benchmark for the near-end of summer. In my mind and in most normal climates, summer ends in September. After a lifetime of this fact being programmed into my brain, it was just natural for me to think cooler weather was coming.

Now that I’ve been in Arizona for 11 years, I am finally learning to force myself to not think about the end of the summer. Like a zombie, I trudge through my daily life accepting the unbearable heat and succumbing myself to the will of the Arizona sun. My attitude at this point of the season is the heat will end when it wants to end, and there is nothing I can do about it.

Like a dreaded dragon who terrorizes the village, the town folk of Arizona will celebrate and freely emerge from their homes to spend time outside without contemplating the return of the dragon (the sun). When the high temperatures get below 100 degrees, people of Arizona celebrate.

Then, when we’re Christmas shopping in t-shirts and shorts, Arizonans will brag about “this is why we live here” and mock those who have to deal with snow. Again, Arizonans become very zombie-like not realizing we are missing out on a natural phenomena: SEASONS.

Right now, in August…in Arizona, everyone is miserable. By this time of the year, we are DONE with the heat but also realize there are about three more months remaining of summer. Everything is hot, and the heat makes us irritable. Tap water is HOT, the air is HOT, the car is HOT(even with the AC on full blast), pavement is HOT, the house is HOT, the pool is HOT, the door handles are HOT, the steering wheel is HOT, etc, etc…EVERYTHING is HOT.

For myself and other NoArizonans, we look forward to the day when the desert heat will no longer be an issue in our lives. That day will come, so just hang in there until then.


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2 thoughts on “August In Arizona

  1. marysparacinobortel says:

    I just returned from two weeks in Washington, DC. It was very humid there, and I was sweating in places I didn’t know I could. There were sweat beads rolling down my back into my SHORTS! I was like, really? Then I started comparing the AZ ‘dry’ heat to that miserable humid heat that makes your chest feel heavy and also makes it hard to breathe. To me, they are both HELL. Bottom line for me is that I miss the seasons. A person NEEDS seasons, or they’ll dry up. Our souls need to experience change, and we just don’t get there here in AZ. But for those of us who ARE stuck here, because we truly are ‘stuck’ here, at least I am, we must take advantage of Northern AZ and get away as often as we can. We can also drive 5 hours west and be at the So. Cal. beaches! So there are ways to deal with this, we just need to do it. And good luck if you don’t have any money to get away because of the economy – as in my case, I can’t find work. So then the feeling of being stuck here is mulitplied! HAHAHA…Oh happy day!

  2. guest1 says:

    I’m from SW Florida. I personally find the hellishness of AZ way beyond anything Florida ever threw at me. At least during the summer there, it RAINS in the afternoon and you get a break from the heat. I visited family in Georgia this summer and was very comfortable, even walking around outside touristing in Savannah and areas in NE Georgia. There is just no excuse for this miserable desert state.

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