Labor Day Weekend In Arizona

Arizona is just an ugly desert

Holiday Weekends In Arizona

It’s been another party-related weekend in Arizona. Holiday weekends in Arizona often lead to preventable tragedies, so let’s see how Arizona handled Labor Day.

After living in Arizona for a while, I noticed there was a LOT of bad news when holiday weekends come around.


In my previous article about Independence Day in Arizona, I pointed out the senseless tragedies that occurred over a weekend meant for celebration. In that article, I had hopes Arizona would get Labor Day right.

From the headlines from the Labor Day Weekend in Arizona:

Arizona newsBoy, 2, nearly drowns in Mesa backyard

Arizona newsMan, 41, drowns in Salt River, officials say

Arizona newsTempe woman reported missing, police say

 Arizona newsScottsdale crash injures 4, authorities say

 Arizona newsSearch is on for man tubing at Salt River

Arizona newsWoman in middle of Phoenix road struck, killed

Arizona newsUnsupervised Mesa toddler drowns in pool

 Arizona news20 people injured in multicar collision north of Phoenix

Arizona newsBoy, 5, dies in Buckeye pool

 Arizona news2 hikers suffer heat exhaustion at Echo Canyon Park

 Arizona newsArizona officers make nearly 400 DUI arrests

 Arizona newsArmed robbery outside McKellips coffee shop

Arizona newsMan steals beer, assaults police officer

Arizona newsMan shot in the face during drive-by shooting

Arizona newsDust storm warning issued for Phoenix-metro area

Arizona newsWoman’s body found in charred Glendale home

Arizona newsPuppies thrown out of moving tow truck

Arizona news10-year-old boy nearly drowns at birthday party

Arizona newsToddler falls out second story window

 Arizona newsMotorcyclist dies after crashing into Glendale home


Labor Day Weekend in Arizona…a weekend with parents not supervising their children leading to drowning and falling out of windows, adults drowning in the Salt River (one of the very few bodies of water in Arizona), bad drivers, a high number of DUI arrests (thank you for getting them off the roadways), animal cruelty, armed robbery, kidnappings, arson and dust storms.

In all, it was another bad holiday weekend for Arizona. The desert cities are dangerous in day-to-day life, but Arizonans become even more irresponsible and violent during holiday weekends.

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5 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend In Arizona

  1. guest1 says:

    Let’s also not forget that AZ’s 2011 Labor Day Weekend was featured on Nat Geo’s “Taboo” in the episode “U.S. of Alcohol.”

  2. Jennifer A says:

    arrests, accidents, and tragedies don’t happen anywhere else, huh?? your blog is no more unbiased than you say the newscasters are, and I’m sorry my Google search brought me here, to be honest. Your life is what YOU make it, and apparently you haven’t worked very hard to make your life here anything good at all. Not making any friends here?? Complaining about tragedies and accidents that happen here while disregarding that these things happen everywhere?? Must suck to be such a ‘glass mostly empty’ sort of a person instead of even a ‘glass half empty’ person.

    • No Arizona says:

      Thank you for your input. It is a great exhibition of Arizona rudeness. We really do appreciate you taking the time to show the typical anger held by desert people. I have since left Arizona and I am very happy and blessed person! I wish you many happy years of desert life.

  3. Louisa Drill says:

    Its cursed here. I think

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