Four Seasons?

Arizona does not have four seasonsA Quick Tutorial on “four seasons” in Arizona

Don’t be fooled by the title of this article. Four seasons simply do not exist in the desert regions of Arizona, but this article will guide you how to differentiate between the four seasons most of the nation enjoys while in Arizona.


Summer in Arizona, when the temperatures are above 110 degrees and everyone hides inside! The tap water becomes hot, air conditioning in your car struggles and outrageous electric bills! What a time for celebration! You will KNOW when it’s summer in Arizona!

Let’s take a look at what summer looks like in Phoenix:

Phoenix ranked 7th most polluted city


In most parts of the country, leaves are changing color and falling to the ground. Dads are putting the leaves into piles while the kids jump into them. Sounds like fun…and it is!

But with no real trees changing color in the Arizona desert, how are Arizonans to know it’s becoming Autumn?

With perpetual summer in Arizona, you will be surprised how quick Halloween sneaks up! While existing in their zombie-like trances, the Arizonan need only to travel to the nearest store to find out what season is coming up next.

Halloween in ArizonaHalloween in Arizona

Did you guess Halloween? Good job! I know, it seems very strange since it’s still over 100 degrees!

Still don’t believe me? Check the TV:

Halloween commercial

What comes after Halloween? Quite easy, my zombie friend! Just keep checking the store aisles and see what’s for sale!

Thanksgiving Turkey

Oh crap! Thanksgiving is coming?? But it’s still in the 90’s outside and everyone is wearing open-toe shoes and shorts!

Want to know a secret, my zombie friend? There are places outside of Arizona where the people need only to walk outside to see it’s Autumn! Yes, for real!


Meanwhile, in Arizona…

Phoenix ranked 7th most polluted city


Winter…the word conjures up images of snow, fireplaces and thick coats. In Arizona, it means 70-80 degree weather. It sounds nice, and it is Arizona’s only reprieve from the summer heat. The 70-80 weather is cool to Arizona, while that same temperature range is normal summertime weather elsewhere.

Christmas shoppingChristmas Snoopy on TV

Oh crap! Is it the Christmas season already?? But, we’re still wearing shorts!

I’d better go decorate the yard:

Ugly Christmas decorations in Arizona

There…not quite as ugly as usual!

You’re catching on, my zombie friend! But when you’re in a normal area of the country, this is how you know it’s winter:

Snow skyline

…and here’s Phoenix again:

Phoenix ranked 7th most polluted city


Time to head to the store to see what’s next:

Easter stuff

The store is telling me Easter is coming up…so, that must mean Springtime, right! Ah, Springtime…when the flowers bloom and the birds are chirping in the trees! Not in Arizona!


Four seasons. Something I terribly miss.

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2 thoughts on “Four Seasons?

  1. William P. Hutchison says:

    Thank you for this hilarious article. There are basically two seasons in the Phoenix area: hot and mild. Otherwise you cannot tell unless you head to the nearest Wal-Mart or Target.

  2. TheTram says:

    Native to AZ and after 41 years, this article is right on the money. LOL

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