This Or That: Lakes!

Introducing “This Or That”

In “This Or That” articles, I will post photos highlighting features and characteristics of Arizona. The Arizona photos will be followed by a second photo showing the alternative to Arizona on the same topic. These will not be wordy articles (except for this one), and will only have photos asking you, “This or that?”

It is my hopes you will find these photos inspirational and assist you with looking beyond the distant Arizona horizon.

The very first “This Or That” is a topic very important to me…lakes!

This Or That: Lakes!



Or that?

Arizona lake

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2 thoughts on “This Or That: Lakes!

  1. azsucksdotorg says:

    Although I didn’t have to read the article in order to figure out which picture was in Arizona, I did read it. I laugh every time I hear people brag about Arizona beauty. Your site is coming along better then mine by the way!

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