Autumn In Arizona

A normal Autumn, never seen in ArizonaA Change of Seasons

It’s September 22, the first day of autumn! Living in Arizona, you wouldn’t know it…


Remembering Autumn

What a normal autumn day looks like, outside of ArizonaAlthough Arizona tries to make me forget, I remember autumn! The days were cooler and the nights were chilly. When you walked outside, you noticed the green leaves were changing colors. Every once in a while, a single leaf fell down and landed nearby. When you stepped on a fallen leaf, it crunched underneath your feet.

You could hear the deer and squirrels wandering the nearby woods because of the crunching leaves. Being outside, the air cooled quickly when the sun set and you had to put on a light jacket. You could feel the tingle of cooler air on your ear lobes. It was a relief summer was over, but you knew you were going to miss the summertime activities. The next thing to look forward to were the upcoming holidays and snow in the next few months.

Forgetting Autumn

Living in Arizona, I have to forcibly remind myself what Autumn is like. If I don’t, I become the typical Arizona zombie. After a summer of 110+ degree heat, the daytime high temperatures between 100-103 seem “nice”. I am not kidding in the least. The Arizona weatherman will spout about how nice it is outside and how it has “cooled down to the low 100’s”. Yes, it’s a reprieve from the hot summer but the low 100’s are a hot summer day where I’m from — NOT AUTUMN!

I try not to forget autumn because I don’t want to be trapped in Arizona forever. If you fall for the trickery of “nicer temperatures” and “mild winters”, you will accept life without normal seasons and succumb to the Arizona way of life.

This is the time of year I desperately yearn to get out of Arizona. Summer is terrible, but seeing the season change throughout the country makes me miss it even more.

While watching football on TV, I see the fans and coaches wearing jackets while it’s in the 100’s in Arizona. Strangely, I’m subconsciously drawn into their reality of cooler weather because I used to live it. Then, I walk outside and the hot Arizona sun stings my skin. It is that moment when I am thrust back into the Arizona reality of no autumn. And, it makes me sad and homesick.

In Arizona, we still have to get through September and most of October before the cooler weather arrives. Remember, cooler in Arizona means the 70-80 degree range for high temperatures. I can’t wait to share pictures with you of people wearing jackets outside when it’s in the 70’s…it’s quite hilarious. A little bit of comic relief while living in the depressing Arizona desert.

Happy Autumn, Arizona

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3 thoughts on “Autumn In Arizona

  1. Great piece! I laugh when people from the warmer climes brag about how warm their winters are when it’s 20 degrees and snowy where I am. I can’t believe people actually enjoy the same old weather all the time. I too need my seasons, even the colder ones…

  2. Tyler Morrison says:

    i know its autumn where i live we have beautiful elm trees that turn gold

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