Phoenix: One of Top 20 Dirtiest Cities

Phoenix ranked 7th most polluted city

Travel & Leisure Ranks Phoenix As 19th Dirtiest City

Phoenix joins cities such as San Juan Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles and New York City as one of the top-20 dirtiest cities.

Why? Read on!

Why Is Phoenix So Dirty?

One of my very first articles focused on the problem with pollution in the air (See: Air Quality in the Arizona Desert). I was glad to see others, who could be deemed as more objective, recognize the fact Phoenix is very polluted. In their rankings, Travel & Leisure pointed out Phoenix ranked #7 on the American Lung Association’s “Most Polluted Cities”.

The air in the Phoenix area is very dirty and it’s difficult to breathe here, primarily due to particle pollution. Please read my “Air Quality in the Arizona Desert” article to see what’s floating in the Arizona air. You will be surprised!

I was watching the Phoenix newscast when I first learned about the latest ranking for Phoenix. I found it funny when the newscasters appeared shocked about dirty old Phoenix! I also got a kick out of the “people on the street” interviews! Watch it here:


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3 thoughts on “Phoenix: One of Top 20 Dirtiest Cities

  1. April says:

    Because all of the nasty people moved to Phx from CA and braught their stupid, dirty, rude habbits with them.

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