Rude Arizonans: Danica Patrick

Some say Danica is rude...and she's from ArizonaArizona Rudeness

Danica Patrick is a well-known NASCAR driver who calls Arizona home. She was born and raised in Illinois, but Danica chose Arizona as a place to live and call home. After reading stories from people who have met her in person, it makes sense Danica fits right into Arizona culture.

The Arizona Attitude

First of all, a disclaimer! This article is not intended as a debate as to whether or not Danica belongs in NASCAR. The focus on this article are real-life stories of people meeting Danica and noting how rude of a person she was.

Many people in Arizona are just plain rude. It’s impossible to wave at people passing by because they tend to stare at their feet or turn their backs to you. When you do get to speak with an Arizonan, it’s often short and crass.

I heard Danica Patrick lived in Arizona, so I wanted to see if she fit into the mold of a rude Arizonan. Unfortunately, she does.

The following are quotes from people who have met her in person:

I met her at a fan event and she was [a bitch]. The little girl in front of me was in head-to-toe Danica gear. Danica had her head turned, talking to someone behind her the entire time, even when the little girl said “I love you, Danica!”

One of my former teachers daughter is a friend of hers. We attended  an event thrown by one of her sponsors. All I will say she was unpleasant, but even my teacher’s daughter said she always been bitchy and pushed herself to be out front.

Having met her a few different times I can say without a doubt she is a total entitled biatch, rude, and unfriendly.

On flying for Danica Patrick:

Danica Patrick- rude and classless. Decided to throw her Coke can and peanut wrapper in the aisle rather than wait for trash collection.

When i met her she was VERY rude to her fans.

She just ignored me, which…whatever, but it really made me mad when she ignored the little girl behind me. The girl was maybe 7 and all dressed in Patrick stuff. Danica had her head turned around, talking to someone behind her while she signed the girl’s autograph. This was at a signing too, so it’s not like she didn’t know what was going to be going on.

I met her once at Watkins Glen and she was kinda a B****.

I met her once… she was just really, really rude.

Danica Patrick: I met her at Barber Motorsports park in ’11 for the Indy race, not a very friendly person. Hostile.

I didn’t say she sucked, she is a freaking awesome driver and was my hero till I met her. And yeah have yet to meet a Scottsdale girl that wasn’t snooty and rude.

The behavior described above does not only apply to celebrities, but is commonplace in Arizona. Rude, hostile, unfriendly, unpleasant. These words are used to describe some celebrities. In this case, it describes Danica Patrick and it describes typical Arizona rudeness.

I’m glad she lives in Arizona, and I hope she lives there for many years to come. In Arizona, she won’t have to worry about friendly neighbors, people waving at her as she drives down the street or bother with engaging in friendly conversation with complete strangers.

In a Southern sport such as NASCAR, Danica Patrick does not comprehend Southern Hospitality. Rather, she embraces Southwestern In-hospitality.

Not only is Danica Patrick typical of Arizona people, she is also an Arizona driver:

Danica Patrick is an Arizona driver

Danica Patrick is an Arizona driver

Danica Patrick is an Arizona driver

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17 thoughts on “Rude Arizonans: Danica Patrick

  1. marysparacinobortel says:

    I showed my hubby this one! HA! Guys tend to love her. So, basically, she’s a female Justin Beeber! He gets the same reviews! 🙂

  2. Joe says:

    Umm, Arizonans are not rude. I live in Arizona and everybody’s nice here. You wave at them and they wave back. Even when I’m walking through a store parking lot I pass by someone and the immediately say hello how was your day. You don’t know if Danica is snotty because of Arizona. That’s just her own attitude, it’s only her, nothing else. Arizonans amazing!

    • No Arizona says:

      Everyone? Really? You’re right, Danica is mean spirited by nature. My point is she chose AZ to call home, and she fits in well. It’s no coincidence most NASCAR drivers live in the South, where Southern hospitality is alive and very real.

    • Brendan says:

      they do look at their feet and share a certain level of insecurity. Also they tend to lack self esteem and opinion on topics and are only capable of generating thoughts that were derived from previous generations untainted by the common core standards established mostly through 2006-10. With relevance to these statistics, this does not primarily sector Arizona into the rude spectrum, but rather the financial cultures that are existant in the US alltogether. Yet if you want to compare cultures, people from Chicago and New York tend to be over assertive and use people as means (not all), Boston folk tend to love small talk and funny remarks (not all), and Floridians in the central region like to party at night more than take responsibility in their actions (not all). The observable traits that you are observing is not due to locality but rather remnants of a broken system (education, government, America in general) that can either fix itself or decay. If you want to truly analyse the situation that you are reporting here, look at the big picture because this extends beyond AZ, beyond the US, but scale of the world. This behavior existed thousands of years ago for peet sake.
      You notice this most in america because you are witnessing the desensitivity of the next generation. We are letting the education system deteriorate into the hands of the culprits we call exports. We are building a sense of emotional dependency on what these experts think of our kids in which they are constituents of the system itself. Take this for example. Your kid goes to school, gets an F, comes home and crys when he has to tell you. Your kid is classically conditioned to belittle his/her self-esteem based on a thing, not a core value. Kids are now basing there value set on transparent qualities that have nothing to do with good character. Is my hair well done, am I cool at school, what do they think of me. Self esteem is derived from self, not what me or Joe think. Thus, you see the attitudes you see today. You wave at someone they look down at their feet and walk by you either too inconfident to say hello or too insecure to think that it was a polite gesture. Get used to this quality, we are being trained to adopt it as a society.

      • Dana says:

        YOU ARE SO FULL OF CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are rude, people with low self esteem in every state. I have live in Tucson and Scottsdale, AZ. The MAJORTY of the peole are very nice.

    • Dub says:

      I bought a house in Scottsdale 4 years ago. People are great. I’m from Oregon so the waving at everyone took me by surprise and lot of places hand out cold water
      Danica is not a good NASCAR driver. But she probably waves to a neighbor now and then

    • Dana says:

      Agreed, Joe!!!

  3. deedietrich says:

    Danica was just @ Pocono race and visited a local speedway @ Mahoning Valley PA. People said she was rude, distant and made comments about not liking all the rednecks and hillbillies. Well if it wasn’t for rednecks there would be no Nascar and she wouldn’t have the $$$ in her pocket. Lost some fans in PA!

  4. azdodge7 says:

    A lot of celebrities, including Danica, live in Scottsdale witch has a lot of rude people. If go anywhere else its more normal, not as nice as southern folk but decent.

  5. dilligaf says:

    Then stay out of az we don’t want any liberal jack asses here anyway

    • whats liberal got 2 do with being considerate and freindly? ur argument holds no water. im a moderate conservative and think phoenix is more rude than anywhere i lived…AND I LIVED IN 5 STATES! (Pennsylvania, California, Connecticut, New Jersey and South Carolinia)

    • 2aslan78 says:

      Azdodge7: as much as I would like to agree with your sentiment, I can’t. There are no “normal” parts of Phoenix. The attitude of Arizonans is widespread, espoused, condoned, and cancerous. Civility only exists so long as someone can profit from it. otherwise, civility is useless. I’ve learned that one through hard experience in the southwestern sandbox. One is required to be a d-bag if one does not want to end up being treated like a used incontinence bag.
      To diligaf: You just proved the OP’s point. Give more rudeness, please, I don’t think that the readers here truly understand the quality of our state’s top export-that of rudeness and filthbaggery.
      Always remember our state’s motto, folks! “The world needs more rudeness!”
      There aren’t enough d-bags on this planet. We need more backstabbing, mother-selling, trampling, lying and amoral people!
      …Oh wait…

    • Will says:

      I’m a conservative, not a liberal. But it’s you uneducated hillbillies that give all of us conservatives a bad name. So why don’t you pick up your banjo, chewin’ tabacky, and get back into the back of yer pick up an a get up on outta chere. Ya hear now. You know what though, Arizona and you are a perfect fit. Both of you are backwards and can enjoy each others company.

  6. 2aslan78 says:

    I’m being sarcastic here.

    I love Arizona drivers. I love the fact that, in places such as Tempe and Scottsdale, drivers have a tendency to try to run each other off the road, especially when people are trying to merge onto a freeway. I love the fact that people spend more time putting on their makeup and flitting their hair while driving with their knees and talking on their cellphone then they spend paying attention to traffic.

    I love the fact that in Goodyear and Avondale, you could get shot for driving a vehicle that looks too new.

    I also love that, on the 17 between Phoenix and Deer Valley, traffic not only slows to 30 mph in a 65 mph at every overpass.

  7. Jules says:

    Five years ago, I had the misfortune of moving to Arizona for reasons out of my control. I’ve lived in San Diego, Santa Monica, and Malibu, and now I’m living in Scottsdale. I despise this place more than the Ebola virus. It’s as though the sun has literally sucked their personalities dry to match the (lack of) vegetation. The people here are self-impressed a-holes who think they’re above everyone else for reasons unbeknownst to me – tons of wannabes, phonies who are so quick to pass judgment on anyone and everyone who is “different.” Furthermore, by “different,” I mean anyone who isn’t white (I am, but that’s not the point) and doesn’t completely and utterly suck. There is zero diversity here, which is a shame. People who are true individuals, free-spirited and liberal-minded are as rare as a UFO sighting, and if I have to deal with one more jackass in this town, I’m seriously going to slap somebody. I’ve never understood why the people in Scottsdale are so dry, uptight, and disdainful. I hate to use this phrase, but who do they think they are? Just because there is plenty of wealth here (I happen to fall into that category, but my mind-set could not be more opposite from the norm), they think that because of their wealth, they’re entitled to look down their noses. Honestly, it’s usually the people who feel they have the most to prove who are lacking in some way; they’re the most insecure. Most people who are truly successful don’t feel the need to desperately prove themselves, boast and one-up each other. I find it ironic because I lived in Malibu for several years and found that the people there were light years more laid back and easygoing than the people around here. It’s probably because people there really ARE something, really ARE accomplished, and they know it; they don’t feel as much of a need to prove themselves; most of them have actually “arrived,” whereas people here just want to believe they have. Never before have I seen such delusional thinking, and for what? People in Scottsdale, nine times out of ten, are just a bunch of fakes trying to convince themselves and everyone else around them that they’re special. In reality, they’re a bunch of no-name, no-personality idiots who live in the middle of nowhere. Since when does this equate to “special”?
    Sorry for the rant, but I was SO incredibly relieved to finally find a place where I could vent about this topic. It’s a relief to know that this isn’t all in my head and that many, MANY people feel the same way!

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