My Autumn Escape from Arizona

The days are warm with a cool breeze, and the nights are chilly. Fall is in the air!




Unfortunately, I will soon return to the desolation of the desert.


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3 thoughts on “My Autumn Escape from Arizona

  1. Eaglespear says:

    I just confirmed your warnings about the AZ heat without the necessity of visiting, heres how:
    1. Visited Google’s map sight of the Chase Tower in downtown Phoenix
    2. Noticed their photos were taken on a clear and sunny day, it is usually sunny in AZ by most accounts
    3. NOTICED A DISTORTION IN THE PHOTOS, A WAVY DISTORTION as if Google’s servers were serving pages slower than normal

    REALIZED, the wavy distortion is from the BLISTERING HEAT !!!! Google’s cameras, the company that has been taking more photos of the planets varied climates and surpassed Kodak as far as frames exposed…. IS EVEN VULNERABLE TO THE ARIZONA TEMPERATURE DESPITE THEIR LEARNED EXPERIENCES, THE GOOGLE CAMERAS MELT IN THE AZ heat !!!!

    Visit their view of the Chase tower and the web site visitor can almost feel the heat as it was melting Google’s lens.

  2. Tyler Morrison says:

    i have a lake by my house that has towering ponderosa pines and it gets quite cold at night time in the fall there

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