Thanksgiving Weekend In Arizona

Thanksgiving in Arizona

Thanksgiving Weekend In Arizona

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! The Thanksgiving holiday is for feasts and quality time with family, but I learned Arizona has a difficult time with such a family-oriented holiday.

Just as I did with Independence Day and Labor Day Weekend, I checked the Arizona news websites to gauge how Arizonans handled Thanksgiving. It’s gotten to the point where nothing is shocking anymore when doing this because it seems some people just couldn’t handle this holiday weekend either.

Here are headlines from Thanksgiving Weekend:

Arizona news5 hikers rescued from Phoenix mountains

Arizona newsChandler house fire: Mom, 2 boys taken to burn center

Arizona newsPeoria crash: Woman in hospital after hitting wall, fire hydrant

Arizona newsFiery collision in Phoenix sends 4 to the hospital

Arizona newsChild runs into street, hit by pickup

Arizona news2 arrested in connection with Mesa home invasion

Arizona newsMan’s body found behind Prescott convenience store

Arizona newsTeen killed in Apache Junction rollover crash

Arizona newsPolice investigate deadly shooting in El Mirage

Arizona newsMotive behind child’s kidnapping under investigation

Arizona newsFatal collision on SR 347 south of Phoenix

Arizona newsAttempted homicide under investigation in Yuma

Arizona newsPharmacist wrestles with attempted robber

Arizona newsMesa police seek suspect in Thanksgiving Day shooting

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2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Weekend In Arizona

  1. jdphx says:

    Gee…. I wish I lived in a city that had no auto accidents. Like maybe the city the writer lives in?

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