It’s A Tough Day for Breathing in Arizona

It's difficult to breathe in the Arizona desert

Cough, Cough…Sniff, Sniff

The air stings my lungs. My eyes burn and my throat is sore .
What a great way to get us in the Christmas spirit with dirty air and 80 degree temperatures!

The photo of the mountain was taken today (12/7/12). That mountain was only about 1/2 mile from where I stood, and it is normally a much clearer view.

The second photo, also taken today, illustrates just how dirty the air is today. Normally, you would be able to see mountains in that photo. Instead, there’s a white and brown mist hovering above the city. It almost looks as if the views are obstructed by smoke from a forest fire. However, there is no forest, thus no forest fire…it’s just the nasty Arizona air.

Merry Christmas, Arizona.

Read more about Arizona Pollution.
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2 thoughts on “It’s A Tough Day for Breathing in Arizona

  1. William Hutchison says:

    I took a drive this morning on Hunt highway and the air was absolutely filthy. I rarely don’t see the Santan mountains shrouded in haze and they’re really close by.

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