Year In Review: 2012’s Most Popular NoArizona Articles

I hate ArizonaThank You For Reading NoArizona!

As 2012 comes to an end, we take a look back at the year’s most popular articles! Read on, there may be an article you missed!

Top 10 NoArizona Articles

Coccidoides10. Quick Facts About Arizona Valley Fever – Valley Fever (Coccidioidesis a well-kept secret, but it’s a potentially deadly sickness found in the Southwestern United States. I have personal experience with Valley Fever, and it was the worst sickness I’ve never experienced. The scariest aspect about contracting Valley Fever is the fact it looks like lung cancer, and you must go through additional testing to rule it out. If you don’t know anything about Valley Fever, I would highly suggest reading this article.

Phoenix Pollution9. Air Quality In The Phoenix Desert – Pollution in Arizona’s urban regions are another well-kept secret. The promotional materials provided by those who have a vested interest ($) in people moving to Arizona will never show you photos of the brown cloud that hovers above the cities.

Coccidoides8. Valley Fever In Arizona: “A Regional Epidemic” – This was our first article about Valley Fever (Coccidioides). I hope readers have found this to be an informative article. Most never hear about Valley Fever, even after living in Arizona for a while. There are often stories about pets succumbing to the sickness, but there isn’t much public discussion regarding infected people. The worst thing about Valley Fever is it will be in your body the rest of your life.

Phoenix Arizona Crime compared to other cities7. Chilling Crime Facts: Phoenix, Arizona – Crime is very prevalent in Arizona, especially in the urban areas. Every section of town, and almost every block, has its own gang. The thug culture is very prominent in Arizona, as it seems everyone has something to prove.

This is how much water you need to drink in Arizona!6. How Much Water Do You Need To Drink In Arizona? – The short answer is it is suggested people in Arizona lose THREE GALLONS of water per day without exertion. With that said, you have to drink that much just to maintain your current level of hydration. Having water readily available is a must while living int he desert.

More people are moving out of Arizona5. More People Are Moving Out of Arizona Than Moving In – It seems when people move to Arizona, they eventually realize the mistake they made. I’ve met people who were born and raised Arizona who also wanted out of the state. Arizona is NOT the norm.

Car exterior paint damaged by the hot sun4. Automobile Maintenance for the Desert – This article came to be because of automobile problems I’ve experienced while living in Arizona. It’s very difficult to keep your vehicle looking nice, especially if you have to park outside. The sun and dust in Arizona are VERY harmful to your vehicle, so you must be extra diligent in maintenance.

Arizona Mug shots

3. Arizona, Meet Your Criminals – The purpose of this article was to give a face to the crime problem in Arizona. Maricopa County posts their mugshots online, and you can even vote for mugshot of the day! It’s very eye-opening to see the type of people who are arrested and the crimes they’ve committed. You can see what murderers, rapists, robbers and burglars are by visiting the mugshot website. Not only are they Arizona’s criminals, but they are the citizens’ neighbors.

2. Arizona’s Drug Addiction – Arizona is one of the primary gateways from Mexico for drug distribution, so it makes sense drugs are very prominent there. Illicit drugs are readily available in Arizona, which leads to its high crime rate. Drugs are bad throughout the country, but it’s a noticeable problem in Arizona.

The high temperatures in Arizona can be very dangerous1. Why is Arizona So Hot?

So why IS it so hot in Arizona? This article took a bit of research to piece the information together. There is a scientific reason as to why Arizona is so much hotter than the rest of the country, and I hope this article helps answers those questions.

The summers in Arizona are very unforgiving and you never truly get used to it. Rather, you know what to expect when the heat comes. Temperatures are typically above 100 degree between April and October, and it’s getting hotter every year.

Thank You

When I first created this blog, I didn’t realize there were so many others who, like me, hated living in Arizona. Knowing I’m not alone is what keeps this site going and drives me to finally move out of Arizona.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and a bountiful 2013!


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2 thoughts on “Year In Review: 2012’s Most Popular NoArizona Articles

  1. Sher says:

    Lived here 6 years and been sick and hated it most of the time…im scared for my grandchildren living here and i hope they get the hell out leaving in a couple of months and will never come back here except to visit my grandchildren

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