Arizona [ar-uh-zoh-nuh] Defined

Arizona Sucks, and the definitions of why it sucksArizona – A state in SW United States. 113, 909 sq. mi. Capital: Phoenix. Abbreviation: AZ, Ariz.

The definition of Arizona itself is very nondescript as far as the quality of life. When you take a look at the definitions of words often associated with life in Arizona, it surely doesn’t paint a positive picture.


Arid – ar·id  [ar-id]


1.being without moisture; extremely dry; parched: arid land; an arid climate.
2.barren or unproductive because of lack of moisture: arid farmland.
3.lacking interest or imaginativeness; sterile; jejune: an arid treatment of an exciting topic.

Desert – des·ert  [dez-ert]  


1.a region so arid because of little rainfall that it supports only sparse and widely spaced vegetation or no vegetation at all.
2.any area in which few forms of life can exist because of lack of water, permanent frost, or absence of soil. area of the ocean in which it is believed no marine life exists.

Wasteland – waste·land  [weyst-land]

noun that is uncultivated or barren. area that is devastated, as by flood, storm, or war.
3.something, as a period of history, phase of existence, or locality, that is spiritually or intellectually barren.

Barren – bar·ren [bar-uhn]  


1.not producing or incapable of producing offspring; sterile: a barren woman.
2.unproductive; unfruitful: barren land.
3.without capacity to interest or attract: a barren period in American architecture.
4.mentally unproductive; dull; stupid.
5.not producing results; fruitless: a barren effort.

Dry – dry [drahy]  

adjective from moisture or excess moisture; not moist; not wet: a dry towel; dry air.
2.having or characterized by little or no rain: a dry climate; the dry season.
3.characterized by absence, deficiency, or failure of natural or ordinary moisture.
4.not under, in, or on water: It was good to be on dry land.
5.not now containing or yielding water or other liquid; depleted or empty of liquid.

Rude – rude [rood]


1.discourteous or impolite, especially in a deliberate way.
2.without culture, learning, or refinement: rude, illiterate peasants.
3.rough in manners or behavior; unmannerly; uncouth.

Unfriendly – un·friend·ly [uhn-frend-lee]  


1.not amicable; not friendly or kindly in disposition; unsympathetic; aloof: an unfriendly coldness ofmanner.
2.hostile; antagonistic: an unfriendly act of aggression.
3.unfavorable; inhospitable or inimical, as an environment: an unfriendly climate for new ideas.

Pollution – pol·lu·tion [puh-loo-shuhn]


1.the act of polluting or the state of being polluted.
2.the introduction of harmful substances or products into the environment: air pollution.

Valley Fever – Coccidioides  Coc·cid·i·oi·des (kŏk-sĭd’ē-oi’dēz) 

1.  A genus of fungi, a single species of which, Coccidiodes immitis,  causes coccidioidomycosis.

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3 thoughts on “Arizona [ar-uh-zoh-nuh] Defined

  1. Robert says:

    I love this page! Well put together!

  2. marysparacinobortel says:

    Hey, my friend! LOL…I thought about you this past week and knew you’d be surfacing like a scorpion on a hot desert afternoon! I, like you, am still here. “But Why?” the people ask, once they find out how severely we despise this (insert all the adjectives mentioned above) state…”Why do you still live here?”. They just don’t get it that some of us are ‘stuck’ here. Maybe due to jobs, the economy, housing market, perhaps personal finances; but trust me when I say ‘stuck,’ I mean it! Because I’d leave if I could…so what does THAT say? You know what I mean?

    I do get a tickle inside when I read your blogs; something only those who understand where you’re coming from would feel.

    I just met a girl who moved here from the East Coast. In conversation before she made the move, I asked “are you SURE you want to move here?” I brought up the fact that all we see here is stucco, cactus and scorpion, and of course…the now ever famous…HABOOBS. Fast forward… she’s here now. I will get a kick out of watching her react over the coming weeks and months. Another one bites the ‘ARIZONA’ dust!

    One day, when the moo-lah roles in, I’ll be singing some Joe Cocker lyrics:

    “Give me a ticket for an aeroplane. Ain’t got time to take a fast train
    DESERT days are gone, I’m a going home…..”

    Ciao my friend!!

  3. Lauea M Baxter says:

    I too wish I could leave, I’m STUCK, too. I’m from Wyoming, and wonder what craziness was in me to make this move….but I found this blog, and it makes my sentence easier to deal with. I moved here with my mom, who died of cancer a year ago, with her here it was easier to deal with, but she’s gone and everyday seems like an eternity.
    Hating life in az, missing wyo.

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