4/28/2013: The 100’s Have Arrived In Arizona

The high temperatures in Arizona can be very dangerous

Hello, 100°F+ Degrees, My Old Nemesis

Sunday, April 28, 2013 was greeted with this year’s first 100°F degree weather, and we’re now in it for the long haul until October…

I’m sure there are a few straggling snow birds who regret not leaving sooner and are probably packing up right now as we speak!

Weather Beyond Arizona

With 4/28/2013 as the first 100°F degree day, let’s see what the weather was like in other parts of the country! The temperatures listed were the high temperatures for 4/28/2013.

  • Seattle, WA: 61°F
  • Minneapolis, MN: 82°F
  • New York City, NY: 69°F
  • Atlanta, GA: 61°F
  • Washington D.C.: 68°F
  • Raleigh, NC: 62°F
  • Green Bay, WI: 72°F
  • Miami, FL: 84°F
  • Baghdad, Iraq: 95°F
  • Kabul, Afghanistan: 68°F

(Source: Weather Underground)

Although the Heat Has Arrived, It’s Still Not Hot By Arizona Standards

If you’re new to Arizona and struggling with this heat, I’m sorry to report it gets much worse. In July and August, we will be be wishing for the low 100’s. I have written other weather-related articles about Arizona to help explain why it’s so hot here and how to protect yourself from the heat.

Arizona Weather FAQ

Based on queries from the web logs, people are finding NoArizona when searching for topics about the weather in Arizona. I thought I would post answers to some of the most common search terms. If your question is not answered here, feel free to contact me.

Q: Why is Arizona / Phoenix so hot?
A: Although I’m not a weather expert, I wrote this article explaining the dynamics of the Arizona heat based upon my research.

Q: Why is Phoenix so polluted?
A: Primarily, because  Phoenix lies in a valley surrounded by mountains. Read more about Arizona pollution in this article.

Q: What causes Arizona dust storms (haboobs) and what are the dangers of being caught in one?
A:  They’re caused by storm fronts blowing across the desert. Please see this article for more detailed information. The biggest danger of dust storms is contracting Valley Fever.

Q: What are Urban Heat Islands (UHI) aka “the heat bubble effect”.
A: UHI’s are created by man-made structures that capture heat and make it even hotter in the desert. Read this article for more information.

Q: What are the challenges to living in the Arizona desert?
A: Too many! Please read the articles filed under the Arizona Weather Category.

Q: How much water do I need to drink while in Arizona?
A: Without exertion, the average person loses THREE GALLONS of water per day, so you need to drink that much just to maintain. More detailed information can be found in this article.

Q: How do you get acclimated to the Arizona heat? Do you ever get used to the heat?
A: I’m sorry to say, you never get used to it. Your blood gets thinner living in Arizona. No, your blood doesn’t actually thin as if you were on an aspirin regimen! What I mean by that is anything below 60 degrees feels cold to you. As for the summer heat, you never truly get used to it…you just know what to expect. I’ve been here many summers, and I’m still not used to it.

Q: How long does the heat last?
A: You can count on 100+ degree weather starting in April and lasting until October. Arizona typically deals with 6-8 months of hot weather. Don’t let the Chamber of Commerce or the Arizona Tourism Board fool when they  say it’s only 3-4 months of hot weather. And please, don’t fall for the “dry heat” excuse. It should really be called “you’re an ant under a magnifying glass heat”.


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One thought on “4/28/2013: The 100’s Have Arrived In Arizona

  1. daveom71 says:

    No big surprise here. FYI I’m doing a “trip down memory lane” vacation on the last week of May to AZ & surrounding states. Wish me luck!

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