Get “Uncaged” from Arizona!

Feeling trapped in the Arizona desertThis is just a friendly reminder that there
are places outside of the boundaries of Arizona…





Get Uncaged from Arizona

Gonna lift to the great wide open

Wanna set my spirit free

Get Uncaged from Arizona

Won’t stop till I reach the ocean

Gonna break these chains holding me



Get Uncaged from Arizona!

Gonna swim in the coldest river

Gonna drink from a mountain spring

Deep in the land of the great wide open

Let the water roll all over me

Uncage from Arizona!Uncaged

Oh, wanna swim in the sunshine
And every day find a way to face my fears
Oh, wanna get in the wind

Get Uncaged from Arizona!

Gonna take every chance I’m given

Feel the wind through the open plains
Freedom is a gift, get livin’

Get Uncaged from Arizona!Go chase that sunset highway down
You got to get uncaged!





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3 thoughts on “Get “Uncaged” from Arizona!

  1. Nathan Hale says:

    I dream of the day I get to leave here like a fairy tale yet to be written My only prayer is that I get to hug my beloved folks just one more time. BEFORE THIS FUCKING PLACE KILLS ME !

    • Lauea M Baxter says:

      Run away from Arizona, run as fast as you can. And, hug your parents, sealing it with a kiss. I’m hoping for your escape:)

  2. Trent says:

    I lived in southern Arizona for 15 long years and escaped to the Midwest on the night of December 30, 2005. If you can, get out. I would rather make 28k/year in Iowa than 100k/year in Arizona (heck it’s about the same when you consider the costs of living in both areas).

    The entire southwest is just ugly desert or mountains that are literally on fire for months, hot half the year, and so dry and UV-exposed the 40-year-olds there look 70. The pollution would almost make China blush. Driving across New Mexico on Highway 54 feels like a long, slow flight across deep space with an agonizing 65 speed limit. You learn why most people fly it instead. The cattle out in the desert look so depressed it’s a wonder those ranchers aren’t convicted of animal cruelty. People live in shacks or jury-rigged fifth wheel contraptions, doing who-knows-what for a living (peddling narcotics). Otherwise it’s boarded up gas stations and failed businesses.

    It’s a crap-hole, has always been a crap-hole, and will always be a crap-hole.

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