Arizona’s School System Ranked 8th Lowest

Arizona school system ranks poorly

Arizona’s Low Grade Schooling

Arizona made the list for one of the worst school systems in the nation. The facts are startling, especially if you have children attending Arizona schools.

  •  State score: 72.2 (tied-7th lowest)
  • State grade: C-
  • High school graduation rate: 72.3% (23rd lowest)
  • Per pupil expenditure: $8,698 (4th lowest)

Arizona received a grade of C- in terms of its students having a strong chance for success, a grade that was near the bottom of all states. Only 34% of children ages 3 and 4 were enrolled in preschool in 2011, the second-lowest percentage in the country and well below the rate of nearly 48% across the U.S. That year, only 39% of children in school had at least one parent with a secondary degree, well below the 45.4% of children across the country. Arizona is just one of four states to receive the worst grade for teaching profession, indicating that it is hard to retain and recruit talented teachers to the state. In 2010, Arizona joined most states in adopting  more rigorous national education standards, called the Common Core Standards. But The Arizona Republic reports the state presently lacks the funding to properly train teachers or purchase supplies needed to implement the new standards.


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One thought on “Arizona’s School System Ranked 8th Lowest

  1. John McGilvray says:

    A significant portion of this disgusting state is full of clueless, lawless, very poorly read and extremely ignorant “human beings”, this hot hellhole attracts and has the worst of the worst in the nation without question. AZ always ranks high in dubious categories(child abuse, broken and hapless education system. and always in the bottom ten for anything in achievement categories.

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