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How To Leave Arizona (For Good)

NoArizona is No Longer Based in Arizona

NoArizona has been around for a few years now. If you’ve been following NoArizona, you may have noticed there hasn’t been an update in a while. There is a simple explanation for this: I left Arizona, and it is the furthest thing from my mind. Living in Arizona was such an unpleasant experience, I enjoy NOT thinking about it! Keep reading, and I’ll tell you how I got out! Continue reading

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NoArizona On YouTube

A Blog about why you should not live in ArizonaNoArizona has started a YouTube channel! Stop by, and let us know what you think! Below is our premiere video, with more on the way.


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When Will Arizona Run Out of Water?

The once Colorado River no longer runs to the sea


Water Supply

As a desert state, Arizona receives its water supply primarily from the Colorado River. The past few years have seen a boom in growth, especially in the Phoenix area. With all this growth and people moving in, will there be enough water to go around in the years to come? As I sought to answer this question, I came across some startling facts.

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Get “Uncaged” from Arizona!

Feeling trapped in the Arizona desertThis is just a friendly reminder that there
are places outside of the boundaries of Arizona…





Get Uncaged from Arizona

Gonna lift to the great wide open

Wanna set my spirit free

Get Uncaged from Arizona

Won’t stop till I reach the ocean

Gonna break these chains holding me



Get Uncaged from Arizona!

Gonna swim in the coldest river

Gonna drink from a mountain spring

Deep in the land of the great wide open

Let the water roll all over me

Uncage from Arizona!Uncaged

Oh, wanna swim in the sunshine
And every day find a way to face my fears
Oh, wanna get in the wind

Get Uncaged from Arizona!

Gonna take every chance I’m given

Feel the wind through the open plains
Freedom is a gift, get livin’

Get Uncaged from Arizona!Go chase that sunset highway down
You got to get uncaged!





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Year In Review: 2012’s Most Popular NoArizona Articles

I hate ArizonaThank You For Reading NoArizona!

As 2012 comes to an end, we take a look back at the year’s most popular articles! Read on, there may be an article you missed! Continue reading

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Arizona Gets “Dadded” On Popular TV Show

The FOX television show American Dad apparently doesn’t like Arizona either:



If you experience problems viewing the video, you can see it here.

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This Or That: Hiking

Which Do You Prefer?


This Or That: Hiking!


Hiking in the mountains of North Carolina


Or that?

Hiking in ugly Arizona

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This Or That: Lakes!

Introducing “This Or That”

In “This Or That” articles, I will post photos highlighting features and characteristics of Arizona. The Arizona photos will be followed by a second photo showing the alternative to Arizona on the same topic. These will not be wordy articles (except for this one), and will only have photos asking you, “This or that?”

It is my hopes you will find these photos inspirational and assist you with looking beyond the distant Arizona horizon.

The very first “This Or That” is a topic very important to me…lakes!

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Debunked: The Top Reasons to Move to Arizona

Arizona PostcardMany people who now live in Arizona were lured in by promises of paradise. Some of those people came to realize Arizona isn’t quite normal and a difficult place to live.

This article focuses on the most common lines used to convince you to move to Arizona, and a rebuttal to each one. Enjoy!

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