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How To Leave Arizona (For Good)

NoArizona is No Longer Based in Arizona

NoArizona has been around for a few years now. If you’ve been following NoArizona, you may have noticed there hasn’t been an update in a while. There is a simple explanation for this: I left Arizona, and it is the furthest thing from my mind. Living in Arizona was such an unpleasant experience, I enjoy NOT thinking about it! Keep reading, and I’ll tell you how I got out! Continue reading

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Year In Review: 2012’s Most Popular NoArizona Articles

I hate ArizonaThank You For Reading NoArizona!

As 2012 comes to an end, we take a look back at the year’s most popular articles! Read on, there may be an article you missed! Continue reading

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Quick Facts About Arizona Valley Fever


With the monsoon season quickly approaching and as a valley fever survivor, I thought it would be a good opportunity to share a quick list of facts about the disease.

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Arizona Allergy Season

Allergies often wreak havoc on people in the desert.

Did you know Arizona used to be a haven for people to move to who had allergies or other respiratory problems?Looking back on history, Doc Holliday moved from Georgia to Arizona to help with his  tuberculosis. He was given only a few months to live, but he considered that moving to the drier and warmer southwestern United States might slow the deterioration of his health. (Source: Wikipedia) Continue reading

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What Causes Arizona Dust Storms?

Dust storms (or haboobs) in Arizona

The Anatomy of an Arizona Dust Storm (aka Haboob)

Dust storms (aka haboobs) are a common occurrence in Arizona and they often wreak havoc when they blow through. Having been in several dust storms and not being from Arizona, I became curious as to why haboobs even happen. I’m used to storms blowing rain, not dust.
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Valley Fever In Arizona: “A Regional Epidemic”

The Arizona Air Can Make You Sick…Literally

Areas where valley fever are prevalent in ArizonaWhat is Valley Fever?

Valley Fever, or Coccidioidomycosis, is an ailment in the lungs that is common throughout the lower Arizona deserts. It is caused by a fungus which grows in the dirt of the desert floor and become airborne when the soil is disturbed by dust storms, construction, farming and other activities. Once infected, the victim will have symptoms such as fatigue, cough, chest pain, fever, rash, headache and joint aches. Read More

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