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How To Leave Arizona (For Good)

NoArizona is No Longer Based in Arizona

NoArizona has been around for a few years now. If you’ve been following NoArizona, you may have noticed there hasn’t been an update in a while. There is a simple explanation for this: I left Arizona, and it is the furthest thing from my mind. Living in Arizona was such an unpleasant experience, I enjoy NOT thinking about it! Keep reading, and I’ll tell you how I got out! Continue reading

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NoArizona Articles Available for Download

NoArizona Articles Available in PDF Format

Download NoArizona articles and take them with you to go on your e-book reader!

Not enough time to read through the NoArizona blog? Download the entire blog in PDF format! Load NoArizona on your e-book reader and take it with you!

Updated 3/21/2014
 Download NoArizona articles in PDF format Download NoArizona PDF (WITH user comments)
 Download NoArizona articles in PDF format  Download NoArizona PDF (WITHOUT user comments)
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NoArizona On YouTube

A Blog about why you should not live in ArizonaNoArizona has started a YouTube channel! Stop by, and let us know what you think! Below is our premiere video, with more on the way.


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A Look At Religion In Phoenix

Arizona is not Bible minded

How Important Is Religion In Phoenix?

I recently read an interesting article regarding the most and least Bible-minded cities in the United States. The Bible is the oldest and best-selling book in history, and many parts of the country have embraced it while others have not.

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Arizona’s School System Ranked 8th Lowest

Arizona school system ranks poorly

Arizona’s Low Grade Schooling

Arizona made the list for one of the worst school systems in the nation. The facts are startling, especially if you have children attending Arizona schools.

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Happy Halloween!

It's still hot in Arizona for Halloween

Happy Halloween from No Arizona!

May your AC’s shut off soon!

Please be safe!

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To Live And Die In Arizona

Arizona is one of the most depressed places in the United States

Living (And Dying) In Arizona

If you’ve read NoArizona articles before, you’ve heard numerous reasons why Arizona is a bad place to live. I dug a little deeper and found dying in Arizona would be much worse.

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Labor Day Weekend In Arizona

Arizona is just an ugly desert

Holiday Weekends In Arizona

It’s been another party-related weekend in Arizona. Holiday weekends in Arizona often lead to preventable tragedies, so let’s see how Arizona handled Labor Day.

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Stucco, Cactus and Scorpions, Is That All There Is?

Arizona has much to see. The Grand Canyon, Sedona, Flagstaff, Tucson, Tombstone, and even more. We’re very close to MEJ-HI-CO (that’s MEXICO for those of you who don’t speak Spanish…LOL!); less than a 5 hour drive to San Diego, and not much further to LA, and other parts of Northern CA. But, this can all be enjoyed by a simple ‘visit’ or two to Arizona. There truly is no need to live here. If there is a job opportunity for you here in the Valley of the Sun, I suggest you spin that job wheel one more time and hope that it lands somewhere else!

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