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Arizona, Meet Your Criminals

Criminals in Arizona

Arizona’s Criminals

Arizona certainly has no shortage of criminals, as the entire state is riddled with violent and property crimes. This article will give you a chance to meet criminals from Arizona face-to-face and learn a little about the crimes they’ve committed. A population’s criminals are a representation of their populace, like it or not. Arizona bred and raised these monsters, so without further ado let’s meet them!

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Arizona’s Drug Addiction

Arizona has a very present drug problem. Drugs are readily available in Arizona, primarily because most drugs are brought across the border from Mexico. In Arizona, there is a greater likelihood your child will experiment with drug usage. According to the Adolescent Substance Abuse Knowledge Base, Arizona holds the highest incidence rate for marijuana use at 8.9%, and the national average was 6.3%.

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Chilling Crime Facts: Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix Arizona Crime compared to other cities

Phoenix Is A Great Place To Be A Criminal

Gangs In Arizona

Crime is an unfortunate reality in Arizona, particularly in Phoenix. With Phoenix as the capitol city of Arizona, its best export to surrounding cities are its criminals. Read More

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