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NoArizona On YouTube

A Blog about why you should not live in ArizonaNoArizona has started a YouTube channel! Stop by, and let us know what you think! Below is our premiere video, with more on the way.


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A Look At Religion In Phoenix

Arizona is not Bible minded

How Important Is Religion In Phoenix?

I recently read an interesting article regarding the most and least Bible-minded cities in the United States. The Bible is the oldest and best-selling book in history, and many parts of the country have embraced it while others have not.

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Living In Phoenix Is a Matter of Perspective

Postcard from Phoenix

Life In Phoenix, Arizona

After having this website up for a while, I have encountered many readers who have varying opinions about life in Arizona. It appears most of the readers who come across this website agree with the message of NoArizona, while there are a few who defend Arizona to the end. Through this NoArizona experience, I’ve learned the quality of life in Arizona is very subjective. In this article, I will delve a little deeper into why this website exists and hopefully provide insight into those looking to move to Arizona.
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Summer In Phoenix 2013: Hottest Summer On Record

The high temperatures in Arizona can be very dangerous

Another Hot(ter) Summer In Phoenix

Did this summer feel particularly hot? Well, it was the hottest summer on record for Phoenix, and don’t be surprised if it keeps getting hotter as the Phoenix area builds out… Continue reading

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Attack of the Monster Electricity Bill!

Electricity bills are high in ArizonaWhen June arrived in the Phoenix area, it was as if someone flipped a switch to turn the weather ridiculously hot. The high temperatures in Arizona bring in the dreaded season of high electricity bills.

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When Will Arizona Run Out of Water?

The once Colorado River no longer runs to the sea


Water Supply

As a desert state, Arizona receives its water supply primarily from the Colorado River. The past few years have seen a boom in growth, especially in the Phoenix area. With all this growth and people moving in, will there be enough water to go around in the years to come? As I sought to answer this question, I came across some startling facts.

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Get “Uncaged” from Arizona!

Feeling trapped in the Arizona desertThis is just a friendly reminder that there
are places outside of the boundaries of Arizona…





Get Uncaged from Arizona

Gonna lift to the great wide open

Wanna set my spirit free

Get Uncaged from Arizona

Won’t stop till I reach the ocean

Gonna break these chains holding me



Get Uncaged from Arizona!

Gonna swim in the coldest river

Gonna drink from a mountain spring

Deep in the land of the great wide open

Let the water roll all over me

Uncage from Arizona!Uncaged

Oh, wanna swim in the sunshine
And every day find a way to face my fears
Oh, wanna get in the wind

Get Uncaged from Arizona!

Gonna take every chance I’m given

Feel the wind through the open plains
Freedom is a gift, get livin’

Get Uncaged from Arizona!Go chase that sunset highway down
You got to get uncaged!





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4/28/2013: The 100’s Have Arrived In Arizona

The high temperatures in Arizona can be very dangerous

Hello, 100°F+ Degrees, My Old Nemesis

Sunday, April 28, 2013 was greeted with this year’s first 100°F degree weather, and we’re now in it for the long haul until October… Continue reading

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Arizona [ar-uh-zoh-nuh] Defined

Arizona Sucks, and the definitions of why it sucksArizona – A state in SW United States. 113, 909 sq. mi. Capital: Phoenix. Abbreviation: AZ, Ariz.

The definition of Arizona itself is very nondescript as far as the quality of life. When you take a look at the definitions of words often associated with life in Arizona, it surely doesn’t paint a positive picture.

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If Arizona Is So Bad, Why Not Just Move?

Feeling trapped in the Arizona desertWhy Stay?

I often see comments come through from people who say we should just move out of Arizona since we dislike it so much. If it were that easy, it would be done. In this article, I will hopefully provide an explanation on that subject. For those who can empathize and also feel trapped in the desert, I appreciate your understanding.

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